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Comfort Dogs Help Newtown Families Smile Again

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The K9 Comfort Dog Ministry sent 9 service dogs and 14 handlers to the devastated town of Newtown, Connecticut. Photo courtesy K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs Facebook.

Just hours after tragedy struck in the idyllic town of Newtown, Connecticut, the K9 Comfort Dog Ministry, including 9 service dogs and 14 handlers, packed their bags and headed east.

When they arrived on Saturday morning, the Golden Retrievers’ presence alone brought smiles to the children and families grieving from the tragic shooting in their close-knit community. For the remainder of the week, the Comfort Dogs will be on the ground wherever they’re needed. They attend funerals, church services, and vigils, as well as visiting children and families in need of comfort.

“They’re wonderful listeners,” said one of the Comfort Dog’s handlers. “Part of the healing process is to allow people to share and to verbalize what they’ve gone through. The dogs are there to give unconditional love, mercy, and passion. They’re like counselors with fur.”

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  1. Avatar Of Esther Medellin

    Esther Medellin


    These dogs will bring a smile to anyone. They are such beautiful dogs with so much unconditional love. Which all mankind was like them. They are truly angels in furry costumes.

  2. What a wonderful way to help with the healing and comforting those people so desperately need.Angels in fur suits!

  3. What a wonderful story about dogs and how may purposes they can serve.
    Providing healing and comfort in their fur suits.Angels in disguise.

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