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Comfort Dogs Help Newtown Families Smile Again

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Lutheran Church Charities’ K9 Comfort Dog Ministry said,

The Comfort Dogs have brought smiles to many faces for the first time since the tragic shooting. Photo courtesy K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs Facebook.

The reaction to the presence of the Comfort Dogs has been overwhelming. Children and adults alike have smiled for the first time in days as they reach out to pet or hug a dog. They begin to relax and as that happens they start talking to the handlers about their fears and pain.

Another trainer explained that the dogs absolutely love what they do. They are very well trained working dogs, only putting in a certain number of hours a day. “It’s a pretty great job getting petted all day, they love it,” she explained.

In the video below from HLN, meet each of these special healing dogs and learn more about this amazing ministry.

When asked how we can help the K9 Comfort Dog Ministry and the families of Newtown, Lutheran Church Charities says to keep everyone in Newtown, Connecticut in your prayers, keep Christ the King Lutheran Church in your prayers, and to please consider financially supporting this trip and mission to the families affected – click here to donate.

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  1. Avatar Of Esther Medellin

    Esther Medellin


    These dogs will bring a smile to anyone. They are such beautiful dogs with so much unconditional love. Which all mankind was like them. They are truly angels in furry costumes.

  2. What a wonderful way to help with the healing and comforting those people so desperately need.Angels in fur suits!

  3. What a wonderful story about dogs and how may purposes they can serve.
    Providing healing and comfort in their fur suits.Angels in disguise.

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