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Do Dogs Think With Their Belly?

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I’ve never been so insulted in all my life.

Someone said I think with my belly.

They accused my dog parent of not feeding me because I like treats.

Now there is a major problem with dogs being fed too much.

With dogs that are getting overweight and getting diabetes.

But I’m a lean mean fighting machine.

It’s just that…

I like treats.

It doesn’t really matter what the treat is…

Well, it does.

Human food rocks.

You could wake me up in the middle of the night and if I smell human food, I’m yours.

Dog treats?

Well, some of them rock.

You’ll never find me turning down a Yummy Chummy or a Paul Newman “cigar”.

But someone just sent us a package of food to review for the Dogington Post…

Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t give that stuff to the ugly cat next store.

Who thought of these flavors anyway.

Look, if you’re making yourself a hamburger, make me one too.

Hold the pickles. Hold the lettuce.

Chicken cutlets on the barbecue? My favorite.

I know when to stop eating.

When my belly is too full I don’t feel so good.

So I’m careful with what I eat.

But in the meantime…bring it on.

Typing all this has made me hungry!

If you like giving dogs yummy treats, click the like button.

If not – just go away.

Come on, click the like button.

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