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Dog Lovers Boycott Pro Bowl Sponsors as NFL Continues to Honor Michael Vick

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Despite more than 800,000 signatures across two petitions (first petition and the second petition here) urging the NFL to remove Michael Vick as Pro Bowl Captain, the National Football League remains steadfast in their decision to honor the former dog fighter.

Micheal Vick

Michael Vick—a name that brings up instant emotions in hundreds of thousands of dog lovers at its mere mention— is headed back to the NFL Pro Bowl, this time as one of four NFL Legends Pro Bowl Captains, despite more than 800,000 dog lovers urging the football league to reconsider.

On Wednesday, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell voiced his support for the former quarterback, stating that “over the last, what is it, nine years or so, we have supported Michael in his, what I think his recognition of the mistake he made. “He’s paid a heavy price for that. He’s been accountable for it. He’s worked aggressively with the Humane Society and other institutions to deal with animal rights and to make sure people don’t make the same mistake he made, and I admire that.”

The Pro Bowl takes place at Camping World Stadium in Orlando on January 26, 2020. As of today, Michael Vick will still join players and fans on the sidelines as a mentor and honorary team captain, alongside Terrell Davis, Darrell Green and Bruce Smith.

In response to being ignored, dog lovers are now attempting to create change by striking where it hurts—the wallets of both the NFL and their Pro Bowl sponsors, including Verizon, Disney, ESPN, the city of Orlando, and Camping World Stadium.

A third petition urges people to stop supporting the NFL and Pro Bowl sponsors in hopes that impacting their bottom lines will finally make them listen.

The newest petition urges:

Michael Vick was named a Pro Bowl captain alongside three NFL icons not associated with torturing and slaughtering dogs.  He should NOT be celebrated.  He should NOT be on television.  He should NOT be honored by the NFL. 

The NFL, Disney, ESPN, the city of Orlando, and Camping World Stadium should not be condoning the torture and murder of dogs by allowing Michael Vick to be involved in the Pro Bowl – or any other professional sport.  Please do not buy any products, merchandise, vacations, tickets, shows, etc. until they replace him.

It is beyond baffling why they would possibly choose Michael Vick when there are so many players who are worthy of the honor and have not been convicted of torturing and murdering dogs!!!  PLEASE TELL HIS SPONSORS NO MORE!!!  STOP GIVING ANY MONEY OR SUPPORT TO THESE BUSINESSES UNTIL THEY REPLACE MICHAEL VICK!

You can sign the latest petition and pledge to boycott sponsors right here.

Where do you stand? Weigh in with a comment below.

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  1. Avatar Of Alison



    There is no forgiveness for evil, cruelty and greed. NFL made another huge mistake, there are so many good people they could have chosen. I will support the NHL.

  2. Avatar Of Dan



    People get over it. You have people killing people every day, the man did his time get over it. I’m glad he’s getting a chance at 30 for 30. What about the people that get away with murdering humans and you want to talk about dogs.

  3. Avatar Of Nancy Phillips

    Nancy Phillips


    I am adamantly opposed to Vick being honored for ANYTHING. He should NEVER have been allowed to return to the NFL to play professionally. A leopard does not change their spots and neither do abusers like Vick. There are so many other professional players that are far better role models than he will ever be that Roger Goodell and the NFL could have and should have chosen for the honor that they have chosen to give to Vick. I email Goodell almost every day. His email address is [email protected]. I make sure that I keep this disgusting story active on Facebook. They should put up pictures of ALL of the 51 dogs that were rescued at the time of his arrest on the marquees. These dogs should be shown in their horribly injured states for those attending that game and those watching that game to see. Everyone needs to know the TRUTH about Michael Vick and what a monster he truly is.

  4. Avatar Of Robert Vashko

    Robert Vashko


    Systematic abuse, torture and murder of dogs is neither a “mistake” nor a “lapse in judgment.” It takes a certain type of person to do that on a long-term basis and stop only once they’re caught.

    When you read his public statements of “apology,” you hear about how he let down friends, family and teammates. Not a whole lot of genuine regret about what he and his friends actually did to those dogs.

    And that makes his contributions to animal charities seem like so much lip service and P.R. spin vs. true contrition.

    So, yeah, fuck him.

  5. Avatar Of Marisue Valentine

    Marisue Valentine


    Michael Vick should rot in hell. No way should he have any honor,he is a disgusting individual!!

  6. Avatar Of Ch



    To think that Disney/Pixar released a beautiful digital short called Kitbull that was animately against animal cruelty, specifically dog fighting, yet they are ok sponsoring an event that is revering a convicted animal abuser and dog fighting ring operator. And the NFL fired a player who engaged in peaceful protest, which IS NOT a crime, but excuses men who abuse, torture and kill dogs, and beat women. SMDH. Get your priorities straight!!

  7. Avatar Of Michelle



    I can’t believe Disney, the company that supports family and animals, would even consider supporting this!!! He’s a waste of human skin and life! I can’t even call him a man, because a man can be respected but this POS deserves NOTHING!!! And Roger Goodell saying he admires him makes him as much of a POS as Vick!!! I think they should bring public hangings/executions back and put those two top on the list!!! NFL GO TO HELL!!!

  8. An evil disgusting being should never be honored for any thing! He truly is a horrible person and he should rot in hell!!!!

  9. Avatar Of Angry Dog Lover

    Angry Dog Lover


    He should rot in hell after a mob does to him what he did to the dogs.

  10. Avatar Of Elaina Sizemore

    Elaina Sizemore


    The only thing Michael Vick is an icon of is animal abuse. He’s the poster boy for evil. Not someone who should be promoted as a roll model. Unless you’re raising The seed of Chucky.

  11. Avatar Of Angie



    Vick and Goodell belong together. Neither have morals or values. Boycotting each and every sponsor of 2020 Pro Bowl! In addition, there’s a long list of others I know personally who are boycotting the sponso4s too

  12. Avatar Of Teresa



    Boycott….then march in front of the building with pics of the abused dead dogs up on the air….don’t let them get away with it…

  13. Avatar Of Kel



    Goodell is just as guilty as Vick if he thinks Vick has in a sense, paid his dues(my words).
    Everything he did was because it was required by the Court.
    He’s never had to suffer in pain, fear, and made to fight til death.
    When his team lost, he was never taken somewhere and killed for it.
    This man doesn’t deserve such a prestigious honor from the sports world.
    I can think of a few far more
    deserving players than Vick.

  14. Avatar Of Kathy Fisher

    Kathy fisher


    Kill the dog killer. I don’t care about him. Never want to hear his name again or see his face again. He deserves nothing in my book. He didn’t have enough money. He knew it was wrong. Let him Hang…

  15. Avatar Of Judy Boris

    Judy Boris


    Michael Vick should never be honored in any way! A life be it animal or human should be treated with love and respect. What he did to those dogs is vile! Will not back him-or the NFL or any of the sponsors!

  16. Avatar Of Elizabeth Contreras

    Elizabeth Contreras


    He is a convicted felon. And yet, he is the only player they felt deserved such an honor? While he may have served some time, it does not qualify him to receive such an honor. It’s a smack in the face to everyone who works so hard every day to end the cycle of animal abuse. All we ask is the NFL honor someone who is not a convicted felon with so much blood on his hands. In most states, he wouldn’t be allowed to serve on a jury so why should he be honored by the NHL? Send the right message to our children…….you can make a mistake and move on. However, you won’t deserve to be honored.

  17. Avatar Of Jonna Baron

    Jonna Baron


    He is evil and will always be evil.

  18. Avatar Of Virginia Morris

    Virginia Morris


    He’s an evil POS that doesn’t deserve to be honored. What is wrong with the NFL?

  19. Avatar Of Lynn Rutherford

    Lynn Rutherford


    Roger Goodwill admires this man??? A subhuman who viciously tortured dogs and actually admitted getting pleasure out of seeing their horrific suffering. I will NEVER forget and I will NEVER so upport any business that doinsers this sort of exceptance

  20. Avatar Of Cheryl Scott

    Cheryl Scott


    Dog fighting was the least of his offences….how could a human being torture and murder so many dog in the manner he did. No moral compass whatsoever. The debt he paid society was not for murder and torture of his dogs.

  21. Avatar Of Laura King

    Laura King


    Wow, the NFL really has their priorities in the wrong place. Looks like the only way they will pay attention is to quit watching. Which I pretty much did after the whole kneeling fiasco.


  23. Avatar Of Lora Dunham

    Lora Dunham


    I agree with everything that was said above! He’s nothing but a POS no remorse just got caught!

  24. Avatar Of Michele



    Honestly out of all the football players there are , retired or playing he’s the best you could come up with ?

  25. Avatar Of Vel Sweeney

    Vel sweeney


    I think dog lovers should show up on Jan. 26 Carrying
    pictures of the dogs after they were tortured by Vick so everyone can see what a cruel heartlless POS Vick is!

  26. Avatar Of Ambur



    Well if they are still going to honor him 800,000 people who signed should show up with michael Vick the animal abuse shirts on and turn there backs when he is honored. I’m on board for that. We would just have to make sure I couldn’t get close to the POS I just may not be very nice.

  27. Avatar Of Susan Miranda

    Susan Miranda


    Vick sucks as a human being on this planet.. I can’t believe the NFL supports this slime bag in any way..You say that he has paid his dues. WHATEVER!!!! He shows no remorse for what he did to those poor souls.

  28. Avatar Of Ruth Elledge

    Ruth Elledge


    Definitely boycotting sponsors unless Vick is eliminated from the Pro Bowl.

  29. Avatar Of Carol



    Get this murderer out of the public eye. He is not a good role model for our children.

  30. Avatar Of Carol Garcia

    Carol Garcia


    I have just emailed Donald Trump to see if there is anything he can do…he recently signed the Animal Abuser Bill…Michael Vick is not the type of person I want my grandchildren looking up to….isnt there enough violence in this world without idolizing it???

  31. Avatar Of Amy Salvucci

    Amy Salvucci


    I can’t believe they would put a man ( I use that term loosely) he’s not a man , but a monster . He is heartless. He has no regard for life . I’m disgusted with the NFL and with Nike . Haven’t bought a Nike product in years and never will again . Just because he “ paid his debt “ doesn’t mean he has changed . Just means he did what was required of him by law . No one with a soul can do what he did to all those dogs then change ! He is soulless and therefore he will answer to his maker upon his death !

  32. Avatar Of Tanya L Otto

    tanya l otto


    jail jail jail is the place 4 him

    • Avatar Of Bob Chance

      Bob Chance


      Jail is not the place for him. He should have been sentenced to 25 years shoveling dog poop at animal shelters.

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