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Michael Vick Joins Fox Sports as Newest NFL Studio Analyst

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Fox Sports has hired former NFL quarterback Michael Vick to serve as their newest NFL studio analyst. The former dogfighter will appear on Fox NFL Kickoff, which runs in the hour before the network’s signature pregame show, Fox NFL Sunday in addition to appearances on cable channel FS1 throughout the week.

Michael Vick

Few names invoke the same immediate, visceral reactions from dog lovers around the country as Michael Vick, who served 18-months of a 23-month prison sentence after he was found guilty of bankrolling a dog-fighting operation, Bad Newz Kennels. In his guilty plea, Vick admitted to helping kill 6 to 8 dogs. While Vick’s supporters claim he “did his time,” he has faced no charges of animal cruelty or served a single day in jail for his part in the torture and murder of any dogs.

Yet, somehow, the admitted dog killer is faring better than ever.

In addition to tens of millions in football salaries, Vick has, in the 10 years since his conviction garnered product endorsement deals, BET’s Sportsman of the Year Award, induction into the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame, a successful clothing line, a bestselling book, and now a high-profile sports analyst position at Fox Sports.

Earlier this month, more than 200,000 animal lovers signed petitions urging Virginia Tech President Tim Sands to revoke Vick’s induction into the university’s Sports Hall of Fame. But, despite backlash, Vick will still be honored in a ceremony in late September.

Now, a petition to Fox Sports President, COO, and Executive Producer Eric Shanks has already been signed by tens of thousands of compassionate animal lovers hoping to thwart Vick’s new position at the sports channel.

The petition reads, in part, “We are asking that you remove Michael Vick from his position as an analyst at FOX Sports. While we believe in second chances and that convicted felons should be able to acquire gainful employment, we do not believe that Michael Vick is repentant and as such, he should not hold a position of influence. He has never inquired as to how his fighting dogs fared after leaving his property nor did he offer any type of financial assistance to aid in their care outside his court-mandated fine. In fact, he served an abbreviated sentence for racketeering, not animal cruelty.”

In addition, petitioners vow to boycott Fox Sports and their sponsors until his position with the channel is terminated.

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  1. Avatar Of Michelle



    I’m more interested in his testimony in court as he stated he didn’t know dog fighting was illegal, but yet put a privacy fence up so his illegal activities couldn’t be seen & painted the sheds on his property black to prevent helicopters from seeing them.

    Or as he stated that he took the legs of a little red dog and slammed the dog on the concrete ground repeatedly until the dog’s head, neck & back were crushed.
    How he hooked jumper cables to under performing dog’s ears while being connected to car batteries and threw the dogs in the pool while they frantically tried to escape the inevitable.

  2. Avatar Of Diana Diana says:

    He should never be granted employment where kids see his disgusting face…all money he earned should go to animal rights groups and organizations like ASPCA.

  3. Avatar Of Susan Parker

    Susan Parker


    Fuck this POS. He should be in jail. Fuck fox news. I won’t be watching that Cocksucker!

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