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Nearly 500k Dog Lovers Sign Petition to Remove Michael Vick as Pro Bowl Captain

Michael Vick—a name that brings up instant emotions in hundreds of thousands of dog lovers at its mere mention— is headed back to the NFL Pro Bowl, this time as one of four NFL Legends Pro Bowl Captains.

michael vick

Few names invoke the same immediate, visceral reactions from dog lovers around the country as Michael Vick, who served 18-months of a 23-month prison sentence after he was found guilty of bankrolling a dog-fighting operation, Bad Newz Kennels. In his guilty plea, Vick admitted to helping kill 6 to 8 dogs. While Vick’s supporters claim he “did his time,” he has faced no charges of animal cruelty or served a single day in jail for his part in the torture and murder of any dogs.

Yet, somehow, the admitted dog killer is faring better than ever.

In addition to tens of millions in football salaries, Vick has, in the 12 years since his conviction garnered product endorsement deals, BET’s Sportsman of the Year Award, induction into the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame, a successful clothing line, a bestselling book, a high-profile sports analyst position at Fox Sports, and now, is being named an honorary NFL Legends Pro Bowl Captain where the former quarterback will mentor players and offer advice from the sidelines.

But not if hundreds of thousands of animal lovers around the nation have any say in the matter.

One woman started a petition urging the NFL to rescind Michael Vick’s Pro Bowl Captain title. And nearly half a million dog lovers – so far – have signed.

“Just saw this on Facebook and was absolutely disgusted,” she wrote on the petition page, referring to a social media post about Vick’s inclusion. “When is the NFL going to take any responsibility for the behavior of its current and former players? To honor a man who had zero regard for animals is unacceptable and I would like your help to make sure he is not honored at the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl.”

Click here to join nearly half a million other dog lovers in asking the NFL to stop honoring and celebrating the man responsible for such atrocities and absolute disregard for dogs’ lives.




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