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Tens of Thousands Oppose Michael Vick Induction into Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame

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In just a couple of weeks since Virginia Tech announced their plans to honor Michael Vick with an induction into their Sports Hall of Fame, tens of thousands have voiced opposition to the award.

Michael Vick

Former Virginia Tech quarterback Michael Vick will be officially inducted into the university’s Sports Hall of Fame in a ceremony on September 22 – unless the tens of thousands of sports fans and dog lovers opposing the honor have any say in the matter.

Two separate petitions petitioning Virginia Tech President Timothy Sands have already garnered more than 200,000 signatures, with more being added by the minute.

In one change.org petition, Rachel Beasley points to the criteria for honorees of the award. The criteria specifically states that the recipient, “Must be of good character and reputation/not have been a source of embarrassment to the university in any way.”

She continues, “Michael Vick was an outstanding football player, but his character is far from outstanding. The disappointment I feel for my beloved university is crushing. Virginia Tech is a much respected, upstanding school that has persevered after horrible tragedies. Please help me in expressing my disagreement with this decision and persuade President Sands and the Hall of Fame selection committee to repeal Michael Vick’s induction. The recipients of this outstanding honor should be role models, not felons. Michael Vick is far from worthy of this honor.”

In a second petition, Jennifer Breeden explains that by inducting Michael Vick, a non graduate of the university, into the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame, they will honor a man for his athletic ability rather than recognizing him for being a decent and honorable human being.

She continues, “I would hope a top leading University, especially one who has an excellent Veterinary Program, would take a second look at themselves and evaluate what they want to be known for.  Michael Vick should be anything but honored at Virginia Tech, and absolutely not inducted into the VT Sports Hall of Fame.”

In addition to the petitions, the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, of which Virginia Tech is one of two parent universities, released a statement from Dean Cyril R. Clarke opposing the university’s decision to honor Vick:

“The recent decision to induct Michael Vick into the VT Sports Hall of Fame has generated a tremendous response from both the veterinary community and those who share our commitment to animal welfare and promoting the humane treatment of animals. The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine was not part of the nomination process nor the decision, which was made by a committee of past athletes. The College unequivocally opposes honoring an individual whose past actions contradict our values and the cornerstone of our mission. Over the course of several days, I have communicated with President Sands and other campus administrators to express our disappointment and opposition to this decision. I continue to be in conversations with the president regarding this issue.”

Still, despite opposition, Virginia Tech stands behind their decision to honor Vick.

“Mr. Vick’s induction into the university’s sports Hall of Fame acknowledges his tremendous achievements as a student athlete — who some will say was the greatest in the history of the university,” it reads. “We understand that there are those who do not and will never agree with this decision.

“In considering Mr. Vick’s nomination to our sports Hall of Fame, the criminal activities in which he engaged, his subsequent conviction and time he served for his crime were also considered, and it was informed by the remorse he has shown since that conviction, the work he is currently engaged in to advance animal welfare issues, as well as his efforts to help our current student athletes, based on lessons he’s learned in his own life, make positive choices as they begin their adult lives. This in no way condones the actions for which he was convicted. The university remains dedicated to the protection of animal health and welfare and embodies great care and compassion for all living animals.”

What’s your opinion? Should Michael Vick be recognized and honored by Virginia Tech? Weigh in with a comment below.

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  1. Avatar Of Nancy Gould

    Nancy Gould


    No he doesn’t deserve recognition due to being a psychopath who murdered dogs who is without remorse.

  2. Avatar Of Michael Coalson

    Michael Coalson


    He should not be honored with induction into the hall of fame. It will forever blight VT, and the other athletes who have been inducted and will be in the future. If the guidelines for induction mean anything then Vick long ago disqualified himself. If the part of the qualifications that say a person must be of good character and not an embarrassment to the university don't keep out Michael Vick then remove them. Anything he may have done for animal welfare since he was released pales in comparison to the brutality he visited on those dogs. I grew up 20 minutes from Blacksburg and have been a VT football fan for almost 50 years. No more, I can't envision ever being one again if they follow through with this horrible decision.

  3. Avatar Of Linda



    Michael Vick is a sub human savage who took delight in seeing animals suffer agonizing deaths. He is remorseful about being exposed as heartless psychopath and no longer lauded for being a talented althlete. I am beyond disgusted that any person or institution would want to be associated with such a vile excuse for a human being

  4. HE DOES NOT QUALIFY! Rules and standards are in place for a reason. To setva level of excellence, of achievement, of high moral character.
    1. Mr Vick was an excellent athlete HOWEVER he did not graduate with his class. He used the opportunity for a higher education as a stepping stone to the NFL.
    2. His best known achievement was running a successful ILLEGAL dog fighting ring. Achieved high notorarity as physically abusive toward animals. He was exciting but took no team to titles.
    3. High moral character. He is a convicted felon who can lay claim to many books and articles about the tragic death and many humanitarian efforts by OTHER people and organization trying to rehabilitate and save the animals rescued from his illegal operation. Boks have been written on the resultimg lives of those dogs saved and those dogs who died. Morally I'm sure those people he chose to engage with in this endeavor were of the lowest character. HE CHOSE THESE INGRATES AS FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES IN ABUSING THE DOGS FOR THEIR OWN SICK SATISFACTION!
    I am not a VT graduate and would not care to be if this is the tyoe of individual they would have as a representative of the university. ON MANY POINTS HE DOES NOT POSSESS THE QUALIFICATION TO MERIT THIS RECOGNITION. If I were to be "honored" after Me Vick I would not accept the award. It no longer represents the best but the worst of selection processes. WELCOME TO THE WWF OF UNIVERSITIES. (Set VT on a pretty low pedistal. ..YES?).

  5. Avatar Of Photodiva



    There are some sick people commenting on here. Some of you sound like psychopaths yourselves. Let him be judged for his sins by God just like the rest of us. Move on.

    • Avatar Of Susan Ellen Settlemyre

      Susan Ellen Settlemyre


      You think these people are sick but the one who murdered gets a pass? Now that's sick!

  6. Avatar Of Jane Wroe

    Jane Wroe


    How is this even a question?? This disgusting moron should not be given the offer!! Why would you honour an animal abuser and at such a high level too!!??

    • Avatar Of Photodiva



      Because he was an EXECPTIONAL athlete as well as a dog abuser. No one should be condemned for the rest of their life for something they paid for…especially if they have done their time and turned their life around. It's over with. Move on.

      • Avatar Of Susan Ellen Settlemyre

        Susan Ellen Settlemyre


        You seem to think athletic ability trumps character. Sad, just sad. This is what is wrong with the world today.

  7. Avatar Of Jane Wroe

    Jane Wroe


    Absolutely no!! This kind of person who has no empathy for animals in distress,often goes on to seriously harm people,serial killers start out like this!!

  8. Avatar Of Norine



    No way should this savage be honored for anything. He is a murderer. A school life Virginia tech, one whom was host to a horrific mass murder, should not even entertain this. He is an embarrassment, he is despicable. And, there is no way someone who did the things he did to animals can ever be rehabilitated. Why would these administrators want a beast like this to represent them?

  9. Avatar Of Bettie Komar

    Bettie Komar


    I hope past recipients give back their awards, saying that it is no honor to be in this group if Vick is also a recipient. Remorseful only because he wasn't caught.

  10. Avatar Of Melissa Lott

    Melissa Lott


    OH HELL NO anyone who could do that to a dog Are you kidding me so sick of seeing these high paid athletes act like they do then oh I'm sorry and it's ok The only thing that would ever be ok for him is to be torn to shreds by pit bulls

  11. Avatar Of Florence Phillips

    Florence Phillips


    why should someone who is not a good role model to kids be inducted into anything but another jail sentence. he is a poor example and the NFL should be ashamed of themselves.
    he is a killer and that is all pos

  12. Avatar Of Angie Hamilton

    Angie Hamilton


    Absolutely NO.The only reason Vick is promoting advocacy for animal welfare is because he got caught and it became public.This will make him look like he's reforming and remorseful.It could play in his favor for future endeavors.So far it's fooled Virginia Tech. If Vick hadn't been busted I guarantee he'd still be abusing and torturing animals. He probably still is just more careful. Honestly, what he did to those poor dogs the same thing should be done to him. He's sick and twisted. It doesn't stop because he got convicted. He's still sick and twisted

  13. Avatar Of Betty Ann Ross

    Betty Ann Ross


    Absolutely not! So now we will honor a dog torturer and killer by indicting him in the Hall of fame?? Just ludicrous to entertain such thoughts.

  14. Avatar Of Kim Leuenberger

    Kim Leuenberger



  15. Avatar Of Woodhead92



    No in any way shape or manner. For those wishing to look the other way I suggest viewing a few pictures of the dogs he directly had a hand in abusing. Dogs have no voice to defend themselves against humans that find abuse and fighting acceptable. people have to defend animals because of people like this.

  16. Avatar Of No Vick

    No Vick



  17. Avatar Of Lisa



    NO! Vick served NO TIME for what he did to those dogs, only for the financing of the illegal activity. Why not also induct the "sharpshooter" who went to Tech also, if crimes are no biggie?

    The only reason he did ANYTHING for animals after his release was because the Eagles paid HSUS $50,000 for rehabilitation of his image.

  18. Avatar Of Rieann



    VT you are unbelievable,not even following your'e own criteria,this is saying a lot about you as human's all about the game, nothing more

  19. Avatar Of Animal Lover

    Animal Lover


    He didn't pay for the crimes against animals. He spent very little time in a comfy jail cel for his illegal gambling.
    The idiots at this university don't even have their facts together.
    Maybe they need to read more on his conviction and get to the truth of it all. And maybe they need to go visit the location where all those dogs were murder by this POS.
    And by he way, he was t that great!

  20. Avatar Of Mary E

    Mary E


    He didn't even graduate from Virginia Tech. And if Pete Rose can't be in the Hall of Fame for baseball, then
    how can Vick be in the Virginia Tech HoF. Doesn't make sense. There's something else going on here that I don't quite understand. Maybe he's offered to make donations to the school or something, but whatever, he should not be inducted to the HoF.

    And for all those who hate him for what he did to pit bulls, this has nothing to do with that. There are murderers, sex offenders, and drug dealers and addicts in the NFL, and I'd like to see all of you petition against them as strongly
    and persistently as you have Vick. I'm an animal lover and I will always stand up for animal rights. I was also like you thoroughly upset when his crimes came to light. But I also believe that those who have paid their time have the opportunity to be forgiven. No I don't think what he did was right, but we have all sinned and done bad things. In God's eyes, all sins are viewed on the same level, none more volatile than any other. If there's anyone who hasn't sinned, then let them judge him beyond his court determined sentence. Maybe for those who have sinned, it would be best to concentrate on your own shortcomings and make amends for them before ridiculing others. Ok. I'm Off my soapbox.

  21. Avatar Of Lois



    No, I do not agree with this wrong-headed decision. Michael Vick got a light sentence because he wins games for wealthy team owners. He's proven he is an utterly heartless man, devoid of empathy or conscience, someone who enjoyed inflicting unimaginable suffering on creatures who had no way to fight back and no way to escape. I have to wonder if, by honoring non-graduate Michael Vick, the university believes they will receive some kind of favorable publicity and gain more alumni donations? I can't imagine any other reason to induct such a truly reprehensible person into their Hall of Fame. This not only speaks very badly of the judgement shown by the school, but the exaggerated value placed on sports in general, and winning games in particular.

  22. Avatar Of Gloria Walters, Md

    Gloria Walters, MD


    Nope. Dishonorable, cruel man. There is nothing to honor about raw strength and physical prowess, misused and perverted. He is rather, a black mark on the reputation and strength of the university…nothing there to honor.

  23. Avatar Of Vicki Gautney

    Vicki Gautney


    No, I DO NOT AGREE with the decision to honor this man who caused so much torturous pain to innocent animals. I kept up on the surviving dogs that were rescued from Vicks possession, the HELL that all of these precious dogs went through, so unneccesarily was heartbreaking. For the first time in their horror filled lives, the felt love grom tgeir rescuers, a hand that didn't beat them, a touch that didn't bring pain…all the while their health suffered and most died long before the should have. One man was responsible for their suffering and you people want to raise him up on a pedestal to honor him as someone great. If his life has changed it should have, that is nothing to be honored. A true honorable athlete deserving of recognition could never have done the heinous things he did. I'm absolutely heartbroken and disgusted that you have chosen to honor a man who subjected not one, but many dogs to horrific treatment, forcing them to fight or deal with the consequences if they wouldn't and punished in unspeakable ways…my God, WHY is this AN ISSUE? How can you do this…honor a man who has been a monster to innocent animals? I invite you to do your research and see with your own eyes the disfigured. Scared, terrified dogs…that is the ones that survived. Look into their eyes, see the fear and pain. NO, good for Vick, he's a good athlete…well he's a heartless bastard in his normal entitled life! MUCH time should pass before he's honored for anything.

  24. Avatar Of Laura Featherstone

    Laura featherstone


    No way should he honored. He is beyond inhumane.he is paying for what he did because he got caught, not because he's a just kind individual

  25. Avatar Of Rosalinda



    He definitely should not be honored, he does not qualify. Throw him to the pitbulls, however I doubt the dogs would touch him…..they won't stoop to his level.

  26. Avatar Of Sandra Sellar

    Sandra Sellar


    NOOOO!!! He is not worthy of such an honor. The only thing he is remorseful about is that he got caught, otherwise, he would still be doing it. You don't go from torturing and killing dogs to being a great human being. He may have been a good athlete but it is more important to have good role models and not to let the kids who emulate these athletes think they can do the same things and also be "forgiven". Shameful that they are going to show him honors.

  27. Avatar Of Max



    Never trust anyone who is cruel to animals; they are sociopaths.

  28. Avatar Of Michelle



    I think Vick should be torn apart by pitbulls.

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