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Dog-Loving Steelers Fans Furious As Michael Vick Signed to Team

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The Pittsburgh Steelers announced Tuesday evening that, despite objections from dog-loving fans of the NFL team, that they’d signed Michael Vick to a 1-year deal.

Michael Vick served 18-months of a 23-month prison sentence after he was found guilty of bankrolling a dog-fighting operation, Bad Newz Kennels. In his guilty plea, Vick admitted to helping kill 6 to 8 dogs.

The announcement came just a day before National Dog Day, a holiday meant to celebrate all things dog and to promote dog adoption.

Under the deal, Vick will be a backup quarterback for Ben Roethlisberger who runs a foundation supporting K-9 and service dogs. A huge advocate for dogs, Roethlisberger was frustratingly quiet about his feelings toward his new teammate.

Fans of the team, however, were not so quiet.

Many took to Twitter to voice their opinions:

Pittsburgh shelter, The Animal Rescue League also took their shot at the team:

And, more than 15,000 fans, in a single day, signed a change.org petition in hopes of stopping the deal before it was made.

@steelers don’t be foolish. This is a dog loving town.Do not sign Vick.I’d rather us have any one else. Don’t make me burn my steeler gear.

— Staub (@pnstaub) August 25, 2015

Despite their best efforts, the Steelers went through with the deal and Pittsburgh fans will see Michael Vick donning his Steelers uniform for at least a year.

It remains to be seen how the new addition will affect support for the beloved football team.

So, Steelers fans that also love dogs – will you continue rooting for your favorite team, or will you show your support to another?

Weigh in with a comment below!

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  1. Avatar Of Sondra Kelly Sondra Kelly says:

    I was a Steelers Fan, no more. Michael Vick is despicable . I can’t believe these Football Teams condone & reward such behavior as displayed by M. Vick. It’s greed – that’s all. Why should he be rewarded for his horrendous acts that he imposed on our loving, innocent creatures. Yes, he is SUBHUMAN.

  2. Hes nothing but a lying jerk

  3. Avatar Of Rose Carter

    Rose Carter


    Not even surprised!
    look at Vick and then look at footballs recent string of charges re; to players abuse of women. Disgusting on many levels!

  4. Avatar Of Wanda Louise

    wanda louise


    we all decide what we support by our choices. the steelers have shown that they don’t care that they support a psychopath that got tremendous pleasure out of horrific torture of animals. there is no amount of prison time that can cure his sickness…. he is still the same disgusting person. i am sure he still dreams about the pleasure he got by slamming those dogs to death into the ground. how fun to watch dogs trying to get out of a pool and then zapping them to death. go steelers.

  5. Avatar Of Mary Davis mary davis says:

    i was born and raised in philly moved to florida continued to be an eagles fan until michael vick crimes came to light. i despite the loathe the man hung andor watch my head in shame that the eagles signed him on. i no longer admit to being from philly or watch the NATIONAL FELON LEAGUE aka nfl.
    i don’t understand why these teams continue to sign him on there are plenty of people that doing the wrong thing and loose their jobs forever and never given a second chance. he was never truly sorry for these crimes that he committed against man best friend including the ones that wanted to please him. i wonder what happened to his dog champagne. there is one thing and one thing only that came from this and that is awareness against animal and this specifically this breed. sad to think most people continue to be prejudice and ignorant of the breed.

  6. Avatar Of Wanda Louise

    wanda louise


    the guy is a psychopath who slams dogs to death into the ground and delights on watching dogs try to get out of a pool while being electrocuted. pretty sick of people to support a hideous human being like him.

  7. Avatar Of Wanda Louise

    wanda louise


    the guy is a psychopath. what a bunch of losers for wanting anything to do with him. i hope he repeatedly slams you into the ground or laughs while you try to get out of the pool while he is electrocuting you. so sad about america’s priorities.

  8. Avatar Of D. W.

    D. W.


    Vick shouldn’t be on any team. He never even finished serving his sentence. He needs to do a 180 degree turnaround before I’d even believe him. No thanx.

  9. Avatar Of Sherrill



    Beyond disgusting! First the Eagles showed their disdain for animals and their fans, but the Steelers! The Eagles have never had class, but I am disappointed in the Steelers organization. Maybe the Dog Pound will rip Vick a new one! I’m through with the Steelers and almost through with the money-grubbing NFL. Cheaters don’t get adequate punishment, players literally get away with wife beating and murder. Opportunity should knock but once when so much money is involved. Ethics? Morals? Nope.

  10. Booooo!!!!boycott Michael Vick from any an all sports

  11. Avatar Of Dorothy Vallier

    dorothy vallier


    Boooooooo boycott Michael Vick from any an all sports

  12. Avatar Of Dorothy Vallier

    dorothy vallier


    I’m not a steelers fan an I really really can’t Stand Michael Vick or for what he stands for as a p.o.s,,human!!!!the steelers must not love animals as much as they say they do(but hey everyone has their own opinion on people an Michael Vick hasn’t changed one bit if he still condones dogfighting??because once a dog fighter always a dog fighter!!!!thumbs down for animal abuser Michael Vick!!!!!

  13. Avatar Of Rottiemom



    Vick was and is a POS … The only thing the sick bastard is sorry about is getting caught ! And when they say “he did his time” that makes me laugh uproariously !!! Folks need to know that he “did his time” in the Camp at Leavenworth (where they put the rats, child molesters etc that they can’t risk being on the yard with the other inmates!) not the Penitentiary where the inmates would NOT have welcomed him and he may have found himself in very similar circumstances as those poor dogs did ! That is where he should have “done his time” after which playing in the NFL might possibly not have even been an option! NO team that takes this 3rd rate at best clown on will be supported in this house!!!

  14. Avatar Of Dana Ward

    Dana Ward


    Man needs a job but to play football he needs compassion and brains which he has neither of. In fact, Steelers Committee, you have even less brains than your newest recruit. Hard to imagine but true. WAS a die-hard Steeler fan!!

  15. Avatar Of Kathy Petrone

    Kathy Petrone


    I was an Eagles fan until that subhuman was signed. Have never gone back. No football on my tv or excitement for an industry that condones disgusting behavior. Seems these people can get away with murder, beating women and children and killing and torturing innocent creatures. Not worth my time!

  16. Avatar Of Rev. Dr. Leslie T.

    Rev. Dr. Leslie T.


    If I were a steelers fan, i woul roo for the team minus Michael Vick until he has proven to me that he has respect forone of God’s creatures, called dog. Anyone who kills animals with no regard for the animals life just shows that he has no respect or heart for his fello man. It has a.so been proven that anyone who kills animalk, generally continuing down that road an killing a human being or beings.. i would stay on the sidelines and see whatnhe does outside football for the next 5-10 years. Football is just a game, but the players like anyone else wo has done something outside football need to restoour trust in him before he will receive our support. This goes for anyo e in sports who have co mited some sort of crime. We can forgive, but you have to rebuild our trust in you before we will stand with you. It’s a high price to pay, but you brought it upon yourself, by killing God’s creatures with heartless disregard

  17. Avatar Of Emmanuelle



    He should be ordered to work in a kennel, with veterinarians who save dog fightings dogs and other stray animals for a year.
    Such a sick human

  18. If Michael Vick weren’t a celebrity athlete, he’d still be sitting in a prison cell. And, IMHO, a prison cell is where he belongs…….along with his homies & those who hire him.
    I put my money where my mouth is & research organizations that have anything to do with Michael Vick. Then I go out of my way to ensure that my money & I go in the opposite direction. I also make sure my dog walking, pet sitting clients are aware of his crimes against animals & the names of his employers/endorsers.

  19. One of the most ignorant moves Steelers ever made! Vic is a low life animal killer that should never have been allowed back in the NFL! Goes to show if you are a so called athlete you can get away with murder!

  20. Avatar Of Joanne Leone JOANNE LEONE says:


  21. Avatar Of Jim



    I think Vick should be banned from all sports. There is no forgiveness for what he did. Sentences for these acts of cruelty should be much stronger.

  22. Avatar Of Vbugbee Vbugbee says:

    Steelers, signing a dog torturer is not anything I can support. You lost this fan and everyone else she can tell.

  23. Avatar Of Andrea Gerlach

    Andrea Gerlach


    I am so frustrated with celebrities, athletes, and high profile folks getting away with murder and other crimes. Although he served time and says he is remorseful, I have a hard time forgiving someone that can actually kill 8 dogs. I don’t think he should have been allowed back in the NFL. It is just wrong.

  24. Avatar Of Ilmm



    I’m so tired of reading comments from uneducated buffoons claiming that Vick “did his time.” NO HE DID NOT. He did not do ANY time for animal abuse. He did time for gambling. But because for some reason, throwing around a ball is grounds to give this sociopath a free pass. I’ve never seen so many people so obsessed with a freaking sport to the point that those of us that care about innocent lives are told to get over it. Then you have another buffoon saying “we are holier than thou.” Who ever said we were perfect? No one. But if you are going to stick up for an animal abuser, then you are no different than the one who is committing the abuse by condoning it. Furthermore, when you want to tell us not to “judge” make sure that you are following your own words because you are judging us for calling out what is real….a sadistic animal abusing nut job who feels about as much remorse as Jeffrey Dahmer did when he was eating his victims. Did any of you ever watch his interview? Did any of you hear the question asked of him, “If you could take back anything from what happened, what would you do?” Vick’s answer (and I watched this LIVE), “I would lessen my prison sentence.” Real nice guy. NOT.

  25. Avatar Of Lainy Young Lainy Young says:

    Someone should smash his head like he did those dogs. He killed them, brutally killed them! He shouldn’t be allowed to breath!

  26. Avatar Of Lainy Young Lainy Young says:

    I think someone needs to smash Vicks head on the cement until he’s incoherent like he did to his dogs, oh excuse me he smashed them on the cement UNTIL THEY WERE DEAD! He shouldn’t be allowed to breath!

  27. Avatar Of Kat Peterson

    Kat Peterson


    Oh hell to the NO!

  28. Avatar Of David David says:

    I’ve been a Pittsburg fan for 45 years. I’m sitting this year out and I’ll cheer for ANY team they play. Sorry Steelers, I’m not as forgiving as you are.

  29. Avatar Of Stewart Guidry

    Stewart Guidry


    Not interested in anything Michael Vick does. He is a worthless, insignificant scrap of humanity with no redeeming qualities, The best thing he could do is disappear from the face of the earth!

  30. Avatar Of Janie



    I said from the very monent it was disclosed that he was involved with dog fighting that he lost al credibility in my eyes. I went as far as to call Nike when the story broke that I or anyone in my family would never wear any Nike shoes, shirts, or anything to do with the Nike brand. And he all but destroyed any faith that Mr. Blank had for him. He is nothing more than a “SCUM BAG” !!!!!!!!

  31. Avatar Of Beth Oberdick

    Beth Oberdick


    I’ve been a Steelers fan all of my life, but no more. Michael Vick disgusts me. What he had done to those dogs is morally reprehensible. My two greyhounds are my “children”, they’re family. I will not watch, nor root for the Steelers anymore. The Rooney family should be ashamed.

  32. Avatar Of Laurie Gulledge

    Laurie Gulledge


    This man is cruel, sick and only sorry because he got caught and lost big money. This is not about sport or even football. He should not be allowed million dollar paydays. Get a job.

  33. Avatar Of D Dailey

    D Dailey


    The point about Pete Rose being banned for gambling is a good point. Who or what did he hurt by doing that? Yet Vick willingly kills innocent living beings for money and this is his reward. It is common knowledge that a child that abuses animals has serious problems and will likely be prone to violence as an adult, and that it may escalate towards humans. What does it say about an adult who at least KNOWS better, is in the public eye and STILL does it. And he’s certainly not a changed man. What little he has done in the name of dogs is all for show – nothing genuine about it. Is this the kind of “hero” you want your kids to model themselves after?

  34. Avatar Of Michele



    It was my understanding that that he had served his time and completed the conditions of his sentence for that horrible offense. Why should he not be allowed to go on now and try to make a living in his chosen career?

    • Avatar Of Janet Campbell

      Janet Campbell


      Michele, read the other comments! He did not serve time for murdering his dogs! ANY ONE who is cruel to animals usually moves on to humans, in light of recent events in the U.S and the fact that the guy is clearly mentally unstable this guy should NOT be in receipt of millions of dollars because of a talent he has which gives him the ability to do so as he wishes, or so he thinks! If he was really remorseful he would have donated a lot of his millions of dollars to animal charities/shelters. Just my opinion from across the pond!

  35. Avatar Of Beverly



    Never liked the Steelers and now I like them even less. Hope they lose their fans – then maybe they’ll lose Vick. GO LIONS!

  36. Avatar Of Patricia Mackinnon

    Patricia MacKinnon


    I don’t think he should be allowed to play football again. He should be banned for life especially after promoting dog fighting and killing the 6 to 8 dog’s ( why cause they wouldn’t fight). SCUM of the earth.

  37. I’m tired of all you holier than thou fools. He’s paid his due, that’s why he was sentenced and set free by OUR justice system; you all have your own. Get a life and carry your own cross..

  38. Avatar Of Barbara Barbara says:

    I’ve always wondered if Michael Vick thought it was okay to take an animal’s life just because it lost the fight. What if his team took his life because he lost? He makes me sick. He better be glad I wasn’t his judge. His butt would have been under the jail.

  39. If your sinless, cast your stones. He paid his dues in accordance with OUR laws..
    I’m tired of you HOLIER than THOU FOOLS !!

    • Avatar Of Mandy-Lou



      How dare you. Those of us who hold a grudge do not hold it for ourselves, we hold it for the innocents he murdered and maimed. “Paying his dues” doesn’t cut it I’m afraid. No-one in their right mind commits such acts and then “repents” he’s a sociopath. Go do your trolling elsewhere.

    • Avatar Of Ilmm ILMM says:

      So, should pedophiles get a second chance? Please. Get over yourself.

  40. Avatar Of Terri Terri says:

    I used to live in Philadelphia and stopped having anything to do with the Team when Vick was playing there. I now live in another state, but still don’t watch the Eagles. For the record, Vick did only community service that was court ordered and nothing more when he was in Philadelphia. and FYI PETA is not an animal loving group, do your research. They don’t believe anyone should own a “companion” animal. They have gone to dog events and released dogs from their crates, resulting in some deaths. They have also been caught on camera pulling up to properties, stealing dogs from yards and euthanizing them in the van. Read The Lost Dogs and you will find out the extent of just what vick did to his dogs. His crimes were unforivable and something most animal advocates will never forgive or foget. Pete Rose was banned from baseball for gambling, but vick murdered animals and is still allowed to play. Twisted in my opinion.

    • Avatar Of Jennifert



      You are spot on with it all. The only thing I might add is the suggestion people google “Testimony Underway in PETA Trial” to see what PETA is REALLY about.

  41. Avatar Of M M says:

    I will ALWAYS be a Steeler fan!! Vick paid his debt and repented. What more does one want? There are people that have done more harm to HUMANS and people accept their debts and moved on. And as a side note, I have 4 dogs and have fostered 35. If Vick was still hurting dogs and such, I wouldn’t watch the games. I say, let’s forgive. You don’t have to forget.

    • Avatar Of Rose W. Rose W. says:

      The extent of what Vick did was never made public. If it had been people would not be so willing to forgive and forget. People who have been hurt (except the very young and very old) have the ability to fight back, walk away, and/or contact the authorities to report the abuse. Animals can’t. They are like the very young, completely dependent on us for everything…….food,water, shelter, protection, and love. By the way, PETA is NOT an animal protection organization. It is an animal RIGHTS organization. They run a kill shelter. They don’t believe in pets, companion animals, or service animals. They believe that all animals should live free and be left alone. As for the Steelers I’m extremely disappointed in them. My family and I have had season tickets for them for over 60 years and, as long as Vick has on a Steeler uniform none of them will be used. My friends all feel the same.

    • Avatar Of Mandy-Lou



      Never forget. He committed the crimes and only managed to summon up some remorse when he was found out.

  42. Avatar Of Lana



    I’m not a Steelers fan, but I will never support a team, any team, that has Michael Vick on it. I’m just glad it wasn’t my beloved Saints. But, if it had been, I would no longer support them.

  43. Avatar Of S A Healy S A Healy says:


  44. Avatar Of Kathy



    Animal abusers should have to wear a permanent bracelet identifying them as abusers – it should be noted on their driver’s license and tattooed on their forehead – they should be listed as animals abusers in a national registry – and they should be forbidden to ever have animals in their possession. Animal abusers are useless Earth-scabs and are a blight upon our planet! Michael Vick should NEVER have been allowed back on ANY football team. He should have spent much longer in jail than he did. There is nothing that will convince me he is “rehabilitated” and “regrets” what he did to so many innocent beings, no matter how many community service projects he performed. That any football team would sign up a criminal such as Vick, speaks extremely poorly of their decision making, or any evidence of compassion. I refuse to support the Steelers or watch any of their games, period!

  45. Avatar Of Mary



    Vick should be in prison for life, an evil, rotten excuse for a human being.
    Shame on you Steelers

  46. Avatar Of Bob



    When the Eagles took him I wished them bankrupt abd for Vick to break his neck and become a quadraplegic. Now the Steelers and anyone who even throws that a-hole a ball should drop the hell dead! Vick i hope anyone you love merts a biolent death! You should be shreaded! Drop dead and rot in hell!

  47. Avatar Of Max



    So where are all the people who had tantrums over the dead lion? Surely torturing dogs is just as bad & it was not a one time event!

  48. Avatar Of Mike



    I’m sure the Steelers are devesrated that a handful of friends won’t root for them anymore since they picked up a backup who made a mistake 10 years ago and paid his pushishment for it. He has also really stepped it up with Peta and helping drop dog violence since. We don’t need to stupid unfaithful fans.. SEEYA! 😀

    • Avatar Of Carol



      You, Mike, are the stupid fan. Anyone that can kill 6-8 dogs for no reason other than money, is not fit to play for any sports team. He paid his punishment for what he did? Not in my book. SEEYA!

    • Avatar Of Jennifert



      Oh yes. PETA. You mean the PETA that STOLE a little girl’s dog off her porch and KILLED IT? That same PETA that took healthy, adoptable puppies and kittens from shelters and veterinarians in NC, promising to find them good homes, and KILLED THEM in the back of their van, before they ever got back into their multi-million $$$ property, then tossed the dead carcasses in teh dumpster behind the Ahoskie NC Piggly Wiggly? You mean THAT PETA? Google “Testimony Underway in PETA Trial”. Yeah. THAT PETA.

  49. Avatar Of Melanie



    I will never support the Steelers in any way as long as Vick is on the team. His crimes of abuse and torture are unforgivable debts that can never be repaid, to innocent victims who will never know justice. There was a time when the Rooney family cared about our town, when character and integrity were held dear and above ‘whatever it takes’ to win a game. Our city used to matter to the Rooneys, but yesterday they made sure to throw that legacy out the window. They stomped on Art Rooney’s good name and all that he stood for, and stomped on our city in the process. My Steelers clothes will be burned. Steeler towels and blankets gone to the ARL in support of Dan Rossi’s statement that he will boycott all Steeler events. And my love of the Steel Curtain is only a memory. As a rescuer in this town, this is a direct slap in the face we literally never could have imagined a little over a day and a half ago and it is shameful.

  50. Avatar Of Terry Dixson

    Terry Dixson


    Hit em’ where it hurts Pittsburgh!!! Attendance, purchase of gear, you name it. Just stop it!! They don’t want to listen to their fans? Perhaps they’ll listen when their bankroll takes a nosedive!!! Cut their loss and rid themselves of the cancer they just signed. No team has won a super bowl or has even come close with this pathetic loser on the team. The JETS last year were pathetic, and oh dear, the freaking dog murderer got a little boo boo and sat out just about the entire year. A freaking joke and a freaking waste of money! 3rd string QB at best. Always has been, always will be. Not even able to be ranked as a human being. You need a heart for that………..

  51. Avatar Of Kelly Blair

    Kelly Blair


    I will still be loyal to the Steelers but I will turn the TV off if Vick plays. I will also walk out the stadium if he plays. I am profoundly disappointed in the Steelers. Who is responsible for this decision? I would like to see them fired. I am disappointed in the Rooney’s.

  52. Avatar Of Erin



    I just finished throwing out anything with the Steeler logo, and I had A LOT. They lost a life-long, die-hard fan. I hope they lose every game and that the Rooneys lose the team to another city. I also hope that the coward Ben throws a record number of interceptions and Vick breaks his neck. Will never watch them again. I used to think that the organization was just so respectable, but they proved me wrong. Cried all last night. Now just full og anger.

  53. Been a Steelers fan since Bradshaw was a rookie, but can’t support a team that has Vick behind center. On a brighter note, had no idea that Ben was such a dog advocate, kudos to him.

  54. Avatar Of Anne



    It takes a morally sick person to do what he did. He does not deserve any position of fame and no amount of prison time will change a person so rotten to the core!!

  55. Avatar Of Janine



    I would never support any team with him on it!!!!!

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