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Help! I Need A Vet

Hey it’s Ralph and today I need your help.

I need a really good vet.

I’m fine – thanks for asking.

I Need A Good Vet!

My boss here at the Dogington Post is looking for a vet to write for us at the Dogington Post.

I overheard this last night and these are my job requirements.

Must love giving dogs treats at all times.

Must love going for walks long walks throughout the day.

Must hate giving dogs shots. (Nasty)

Thinks pooping in the house in okay (well at least sometimes).

Must love giving dogs treats at all times. (Did I already say that?)

Believes in serving gourmet meals to dogs.

Believes a dog’s health will be endangered if they don’t get to sleep in bed with a member of the family.

and finally…

Must love giving dogs treats at all times. (I didn’t want you to forget)

Well those are my requirements.

However, the Top Dog around here is looking for a Vet who would like to become world famous.

You must be willing to answer dog health questions at the Dogington and contribute a column twice a week (more if you want).

Obviously you must love what you do (and must love giving dog treats at all times.)

Are you a vet and your interested or do you love your vet and want them to step forward?

We need to hear directly from the Vets themselves at [email protected]

Please give us enough information (and proof you love giving dog treats at all times) so we can contact you.

And please share your thoughts are belly scratching.  It’s pretty important, ya know?


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1 Comment

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