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How Dogs Choose A Mate?

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There are books on top of books offering advice on flirting, dating, and marriage.

There are experts who offer counseling services for engaged couples, married couples, and divorced couples.

Let’s not forget all the Hollywood movies about love, marriage, and divorce.

And here’s the bottom line, you humans STILL don’t know what you’re doing.

And now, humans are even dragging their dogs into the mess arguing over who gets the dog.

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Dogs Never Need Dating Books

Let me tell you how dogs do it.

First we spot a member of the opposite sex and use our sense of smell to find out if they’re in heat.

Then we go to them and ask a few simple questions.

Kibble or Canned?

Lassie or Uggie?

Computer or iPad?

And that’s it.

Sometimes, I’ll ask if they have a wide screen TV but usually, I don’t bring that up.

And then, it’s making puppy time.

Dogs are so simple.  Humans are so complicated.

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