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I Challenge Ted Nugent To A Duel

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The things people say about dogs and puppies these days is disgusting.

I was never a big fan of Ted Nugent the singer.

But his recent quote has me wanting to bite someone for the first time ever.

You may recall that Nugent said something stupid about President Obama and the Secret Service got involved.

But instead of Nugent shutting up, he went on the offensive.

His latest was to go after Obama again and this time bring up the “dog eating” story.

Now, right now – I’d lift up my leg and pee on both major presidential candidates.

One put dogs on the roof and the other put them in his mouth.

Optimized 180Px Ted Nugent In Concert
“The Nasty Man Who Wants To Rape Your Puppy”

But Nugent just can’t shut up.

Now he claims the media is portraying him as “the nasty man who wants to rape your puppy.”

This is just disgusting.

To talk about raping puppies is the product of a sick mind.

So folks here’s the deal:

If you have any Ted Nugent albums – toss ’em in the trash.

If you’ve downloaded any Ted Nugent albums – erase them.

He’s just not worth listening too.

Let’s spread the message.

Dogs everywhere: lift up your leg and pee on a Ted Nugent album.

It will be good for humanity.

After thinking about it. I wouldn’t want to bite him.

I might catch a brain disease.

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  1. Avatar Of Paul Defalco

    Paul DeFalco


    i agree that this has been totally blown out of proportion and taken out of context to vent politically. i’m involved in animal rescue and while Ted Nugent may be a moron, i don’t feel that he meant any ill-will torward dogs at all, only politicians that do genuinely suck…on that note, i agree with him…let’s keep it about dogs and save your political views for the huffington post.

  2. Avatar Of Monique Klabis

    Monique Klabis


    Silly thing to get you knickers in a twist about…and I’m not a fan of Ted for his music OR his views on gun control…but, I agree with Lisa’s comment. Stick to dogs, not politics.

  3. Avatar Of Ralph



    My political agenda is you don’t talk about raping dogs. It’s disgusting.

  4. Avatar Of Lisa Jones

    lisa jones


    ted nugent isn’t saying he wants to do it, he says that is what the media portrays him as. big difference and has nothing to do with his talent as a musician. this site is supposed to be about real dogs and the stories about them. politics and dogs have nothing to do with each other and i think somewhere in this story is someone’s political agenda.

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