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RALPH Speaks

I Run The Iditarod From My Backyard

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Ralph Ava Head125Wb

The first day of the Iditarod was grueling. We departed Anchorage for Willow at 10 AM.

It’s still mostly dark here. The sun won’t make a full appearance for a few more months.

It’s in the teens here but it feels single digits.

I laugh at the cold. My fur keeps me warm.

My musher has selected me to be the lead dog.

It’s the roughest job.


If I stumble at high speed or take the wrong step, the rest of the team follows me.

All around me, I hear the other teams urging their dogs on.

We know the challenges we face but something forces us to go on.

We are a special breed and we live to race.

Faster I bark to my team mates. I urge them on.

We have to get to Willow first.

We work non-stop in the cold.

Our only reward – the satisfaction of knowing the rest of the race is still ahead of me.

“Will you cut that out!” a voice jars me back to reality.

“Ralph you are such a nut! We aren’t in Alaska. We’re in Florida.”

My dog parent is such a downer some time.

Just because I live in Florida doesn’t mean I can’t run the Iditarod.

I’ll see you in Yentva.

Come on guys, it’s us against the grueling elements.

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