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Injured Dog Walks Two Miles on Broken Leg to Save Her Newborn Puppies

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There’s no length to which a mother won’t go for her babies. The same was true of Vera, a dog found wandering the streets of Spain, starving, injured, and dragging a broken leg behind her.

When rescuers captured Vera to help her heal, they discovered that she’d very recently given birth. Knowing her puppies wouldn’t survive without her, Vera’s rescuers put a cast over her broken leg and let her lead the way.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Liz



    Vera is an amazing galga and is with Iberian Hound Rescue, an amazing charity who rescue Podencos and Galgos from certain death. They are as I said a charity and rely very much on donations from the public, if you would like to help them please look them up on facebook they are Ibizan Hound Rescue every penny they get goes to the dogs. If you could spare even the cost of a coffee it would be great. Thank you xx

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