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Loyal Dog Stayed with 2-Year old Boy that Wandered Miles from Home

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The search for a missing 2-year old boy has finally come to a close – and the toddler’s loyal dog played an important role in keeping the boy safe until he was found.

Loyal Dog

Two year old William Odom was found Tuesday after an exhaustive hours-long search. Harrison County, Mississippi Sheriff Troy Peterson is calling the story simply amazing, in part because the toddler’s loyal dog stuck by his side the entire time he was missing.

William’s mother, Chelsea Nobel, reported her son missing around 10:00am on Tuesday after she awoke to find him missing. Around 3:30pm, he was found more than a quarter mile from home, asleep in a broken down pickup truck, his dog circling, barking, and pawing at the vehicle.

“Every time we found his footprint, we found the dog footprint right beside him. So the dog traveled with him all day,” Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson told WLOX.

The boy was found by a child who heard noise coming from the truck as he got off his school bus. He alerted his aunt and uncle who pried open the truck window and carried the boy to safety.

Police believe the boy, whose mother says is autistic and mostly nonverbal, wandered from home on his own. Sheriff Peterson says he likely walked for 3 to 4 miles – with his loyal dog by his side – before climbing into the truck where he became trapped until he was discovered.

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