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Police Shoot Family Dog, Refuse Veterinary Care for Over an Hour

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A Hawaii family is furious and demanding answers after police shot their dog – then refused to allow any member of the family to take him to a veterinarian for emergency care.

About a week ago in Kalihi, Hawaii, HPD officers responded to a domestic call in the area where the Butac family live. Just as officers walked past their house, the Butac’s dog, Bruce, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, broke free from his cage and rushed toward officers.

Two officers were able to side-step and avoid the dog, but a third officer fired, shooting Bruce in the chest.

The family pleaded with officers to allow them to take Bruce to a vet, but they were denied. Instead, the family were forced to sit and watch their dog lay, bleeding, outside their home for more than an hour.

HPD told KHON 2 News that it is standard policy after a weapon is fired that a thorough investigation be completed, that the scene must be preserved.

Reporters asked, if this had been a person that was shot, would they, too, be denied medical care until an investigation was complete?

That’s when HPD admitted that refusing Bruce medical care was a mistake.

Today, Bruce is doing very well and recovering from his injuries. Hi is expected to make a full recovery.

Meanwhile, the Butac’s plan to file a lawsuit against HPD and hope that the policy that led to their dog unnecessarily suffering for over an hour will be modified.

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  1. Avatar Of Judith Pannebaker

    Judith Pannebaker


    Perhaps the family can sue the police department for official oppression because the officers were clearly in error when they did not allow the family to take the shot dog to the vet for over an hour. I would also bring suit against the officer who did the shooting in both his official and personal capacity.

  2. Avatar Of Karen



    This makes me sick to my stomach! There was absolutely no reason to shoot this poor dog. If the other two officers could get out of the way, then do could the third one. Then to deny this family their right to save their family member. And yes I said family member, not pet! Wtf is wrong with this picture?!? My heart goes out to the family and Bruce! Hope that all goes well with your reovery.

  3. Avatar Of Dog Lover

    Dog Lover


    Once again. Get thr cops name, picture, and home address. Post fliers EVERYWHERE especially in his neighborhood. No mercy, make his life HELL! Make his family desert him, cause him to loose his job. Never stop. Destroy his life. Either he shoots himself or dies starving, homeless, and alone. Only then will these dispicable shits stop murdering innocent dogs.

  4. Avatar Of Jonfla



    Thankfully the pup is recovering. When recovery is complete why not RE-INTRODUCE him to the cop when he can’t get to his gun

  5. Avatar Of Carol Laughlin

    carol laughlin


    Sadly, you cannot sue for a dogs pain and suffering. NOR can you sue for the humans pain and suffering or trauma caused by the dog being shot. I would love to see this changed. Am curious what it is they intend to sue for.

    • Avatar Of Crystal Rose

      Crystal Rose


      Maybe they’ll sue for some form of animal abuse? The officer shot a dog and knowingly left him wounded to suffer. Treatment should have been sought for the dog by at least one of the officers present.

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