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Pranksters Take Their Antics to the Dog Park

YouTube prank-playing jokester sensation, Jack Vale, took his antics to a new crowd… dogs!

Along with a couple of fun-loving friends, Jack strapped squeakers to his shoes and hit up some dog-friendly locations including the dog park, a dog beach, and a boardwalk where they’d be sure to run into some friendly pooches.

Because no dog can resist the unmistakable sound of a squeaky toy, her certainly got a lot of attention!

So… watch what happens when you wear squeaky shoes around dogs!

P.S. – we wouldn’t recommend doing this! Bringing toys into a dog park, even if it’s just the sound of a toy, can lead to trouble…
P.P.S. – we also wouldn’t recommend staring down a dog like Jack does in the video above…

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