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Sometimes Dogs Cry Too

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Today is a sad day for dogs.

Baxter the Australian Shepherd died today after putting up a fierce struggle.

Baxter lived in Hollywood Florida and one day got out from his home.

Optimized Australianshepherd

His teenage dog parent went outside to get him and the police came with their guns drawn.

They told the boy, “either you get him or we’ll shoot him.”

The dog was not threatening anyone.

The police claim Baxter bit a policeman in the shoe. Then they changed it to ankle.

So the police officer shot Baxter.

He shot him six times. He was that scared of a playful Aussie Shepherd.

Baxter hung on for weeks struggling to live.

He died today.

In Hollywood Florida a family is grieving.

And dogs everywhere are saying a prayer for Baxter.

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And if your dog seems sad today, you’ll know why.

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  1. Avatar Of Jessica



    It happens way too often and nothing is ever done. They spew some dumb excuse… The End. Sickening. Why did the boy not bring the dog in the house though? I hope the cop will be held accountable. I don’t care… if you are afraid of a dog… being a cop is not the job for you. Happened in Florida so you know… nothing is going to happen to right this wrong.

  2. Avatar Of Salli Gallagher

    Salli Gallagher


    I am glad that they shared this. People need to know that this happens. I have heard many horror stories about police shooting animals for no good reason. I wish you could post the officer’s name!

  3. Avatar Of Silvia Soos-Kazel



    Does a dog really need to be shot 6 times to bring it down?! All news events have many sides & details to them; sure would like to know all of them in this event to understand this tragic conclusion. Our world is truly becoming so inhumane & vicious to both humans and animals. What will it take to become a compassionate, civilized world?!
    Hopefully, Baxter is now in a more safe environment and rests happily in our creator’s home!

  4. Avatar Of Gene Larson

    Gene Larson


    I can’t like this story, but my heart goes out to the family. My indignation for people with guns, no matter which side of the law they are on, grows.

  5. Avatar Of Robert805



    Charges ought to be filed against those police!

  6. Avatar Of Em



    What do you hope to accomplish from a story like this? Now I am unsubscribing from this newsletter.

    • Avatar Of Ralph Ralph says:

      Em, if the shooting of a dog six times in front of a teenager doesn’t make you sad, then I guess this site isn’t for you.

      • Avatar Of Brenda Brenda says:

        ))) My dog loves green beans, carrots, aplpes, pears, melons, MANGOs are her favorites, she eats the rest of the fruit and veg as well but I would not call it love. The latest addiction is muesli. Funny enough neither she nor me are vegetarians. И самое странное это ее любовь к соленым огурцам и помидорам, а любимый суп борщ!

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