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Uggie Wins An Oscar: Priceless Photo

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Uggie At Oscars
Jean Dujardin holds Uggie after accepting the Oscar for best picture for “The Artist” at the 84th Academy Awards in Hollywood. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

I’m really proud of Uggie.

He was the real star of the movie The Artist.

Not only did he steal the scenes from his fellow actors in the movie, but every time he appeared – everyone fell in love with him.

Everyone but the gang running the Oscars.

Uggie was unceremoniously uninvited to walk down the red carpet.

You see, the last time Uggie walked down the red carpet at the Golden Globes…

Let’s just say he got a little too excited.

And everyone giggled.

Like they don’t giggle when someone’s fancy dress has a wardrobe malfunction.

When I heard about how they disgraced my brother, I picked up the phone and called my good friend Billy Crystal.

“Billy, this is Ralph. I need your help.”

It’s always cool to start by asking for help.

“It’s my main man, Uggie. They’re cutting him out of the Oscars.”

Billy listened and said he would take care of it.

I had told him I was going to fly out and have an accident on the red carpet.

But no such action was necessary.

Uggie – due to Billy’s intervention – allowed on stage during the presentation of Best Picture.

Now this is the best part.

AFTER the show is over.

AFTER no one is watching.

Oscar winning actor Jean Dujardin French Kisses Uggie!

You didn’t see this on television!

But I got my friends over at AP to slip me a copy.

Don’t you just LOVE it!

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