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UPS Dogs: Proof that Dogs & Delivery Drivers DO Get Along!

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Whoever said dogs and delivery drivers don’t get along? UPS Dogs is a growing group of thousands of delivery drivers and customers smashing the stereotypes and proving it’s not just the humans that are happy when UPS delivers!

Ups Dogs

Started 5 years ago by Sean McCarren, a 17-year veteran driver of the United Parcel Service who, during his daily duties formed bonds and friendships with dozens of dogs along his route, the UPS Dogs Facebook community and Instagram account are proving that dogs and drivers DO get along!

“When you’re running into dogs all the time, it creates a bond when you see them every day,” he told The Huffington Post. “It’s cool to meet some of the same dogs on the route, because they know who you are and they are excited to see you.”

Here’s the evidence:


Too much love going on here? 😍😍Or not?😍😍📦. Thank you for sharing Mimi

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A driver out of Toronto, Canada sent in adorable video of a customer’s dog, Prince, who comes running over for kisses and belly rubs the moment he hears the beep of the scanner:

Every week, drivers post photos of dogs greeting them at their trucks. Some step inside to peek around in the back!


Feed me!! 🐶 thanks Shaun Avery.

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Some even bring deliveries of their own to share with their favorite uniformed friends:

Many drivers have begun carrying treats onboard – looks like these guys know it and aren’t budging til they get one!


Excuse me sir? I’ll be taking payment. Thank you Matthew

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Not surprisingly, UPS Dogs aren’t just in North America – drivers all around the world are making four-legged friends along their routes.

And, although dogs are the most frequent furry-faced visitors, UPS drivers are greeted by a variety of new four-legged fans:


Driver Bill Teasdale in Durham, CT with Holly the pony (decked out in a matching brown “uniform”)

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What?? Who did this?😂😍. Thank you Josh

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And two-legged!

The pages, moderated by about 30 UPS drivers and followed by hundreds of thousands of fans also include “fan photos” submitted by customers that adore the relationship their dogs have built with their friendly-faced drivers:


I wanted to share our “shop dogs” with their favorite guy Tony! Thank you Ariana

A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs) on

While the pages are primarily for fun, there is the occasional heartbreak.

“I’ve lost a couple dogs on my route,” McCarren said of the eventual passing of some pets. “And I always update the page with that information, so do other drivers.”

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