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VIDEO: Two Dogs, One Ice Cream Cone

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Daisy and Cooper LOVE ice cream. But when their owner drives through McDonald’s and only gets one cone for the adorable pair to share, Cooper is instructed to wait his turn…

Watch the video to see why Daisy gets her licks in first:

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  1. Avatar Of Manel



    Obviously the big doggie has a very good appettite for Ice cream.

  2. Avatar Of Linda Dunham

    Linda Dunham


    OMG! Everything at first was calm and nice and then all of a sudden the pace picked up . I couldn’t believehow quick that ice cream cone was eaten and gone.I’m laughing so hard I can hardly type. I adore pets. Ours and everybody elses!

  3. Avatar Of Cheryl Condrey

    Cheryl Condrey


    I got Ranger as an older dog & rescue. He apparently had never had ice cream before. I had some in the cardboard cups & set one in front of each dog. The other 2 carefully licked the ice cream out & held it between their paws to keep it from scooting across floor as they licked. Ranger was not as polite. He ate the cup & all!

  4. Avatar Of Lolaflash



    Ah, Cooper. He eats in typical hound fashion.

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