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Watch a Texas Police Officer’s Daring Freeway Dog Rescue

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It was a busy day for dog-loving Fort Worth Police officers when two separate dogs running loose on two separate highways were in need of rescue.

First, Officer James Shiderly spotted a small dog running alongside traffic on busy Interstate 30.

“How am I going to get this dog off the freeway without it getting run over or myself run over?,” Shiderly wondered as he slowed his motorcycle and closely followed the dog, for about a mile, until the dog finally tired and slowed enough to be caught.

“One, I’m a dog lover. Two, if that’s somebody’s dog, I would hate to have to find that dog and say, ‘Hey, your dog’s dead on the freeway,’” Shiderly told Fox4. “I know some people look at dogs as parts of the family.”

Moments later, reports of a second dog running loose on another highway came in. Again, police raced to the scene. The second dog, a pit bull mix that rescuers have named Bridget Rose, had been struck by a car before jumping off an overpass and landing on the street 20 feet below.

Miraculously, Bridget Rose survived the hit and the fall. While she faces surgery to repair a dislocated elbow and broken femur, rescuers expect her to make a full recovery. She’ll soon be available for adoption.

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