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Week in Review: PetSmart Grooming Deaths, Winter Walks, Dogs with Amazing Jobs, & More!

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Catch up on all the dog news, stories, training, and lifestyle tips, tricks and advice you might have missed in this dog news week in review!

Dog News

From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all in one easy-to-read article!

‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Tattoo is a Memorial to the Dog He Rescued

Jeffrey Dean Morgan'S Tattoo

Fans of The Walking Dead and actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan may have spotted the tattoo on his character, Negan’s arm in recent episodes. Although Negan is a murderous barbed-wire-bat-wielding psychopath in the series, in real life, he’s got a huge heart and a soft spot for dogs!…Continue reading

Baltimore City Council to Consider Citywide Ban on Retail Puppy, Kitten Sales

Non-Rescue Dogs

The Baltimore City Council will meet to discuss and consider a citywide ban on the sale of puppies and kittens through retail stores.…Continue reading

Two Dogs Dead, 1 Injured After Grooming at New Jersey PetSmart


Two dogs have died and a third was seriously injured following separate grooming appointments at a New Jersey PetSmart store in December.…Continue reading

Hero Dog Saves Sleeping Family From House Fire

Hero Dog

A beloved family dog is being credited with saving the life of her human family when fire broke out inside their home while everyone was sleeping.…Continue reading

When Is It Too Cold to Walk the Dog? Use This Handy Guide for Reference

Too Cold To Walk The Dog

It’s an issue pet parents face every winter – it’s freezing outside, but the dogs still need their daily exercise. At what point is it too cold to walk the dog?…Continue reading

Quitting Smoking for the New Year? Do it For Your Dog!

Secondhand Smoke

Have you been searching for a good reason to stop smoking? If you’re still not convinced enough to give it up for your own sake, would you consider quitting to protect your dog from harm?…Continue reading

Boston Museum Hires Pest-Sniffing Dog to Protect Fine Art

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is taking adorable measures to protect its priceless works of art. Meet Riley, Boston Museum’s newest four-legged employee!…Continue reading

Don’t Do These Four Things to Your Dog, Ever!

Annoy Your Dog

Are you doing something very annoying to your dog without even realizing it? As pet parents we think we know what’s best for our dogs. Unfortunately that’s not always true. Dogs often tolerate many of our behavior just because they love and trust us. And there are certain things we do to our dogs that are not just annoying, but they secretly hate them.…Continue reading

Dog Walked 20 Miles to Return to the Family that Gave Her Up – Twice!

Dog Walked 20 Miles

When her family moved away and decided they could no longer keep her, 6-year old Great Pyrenees mix, Cathleen, set out – not once, but twice – to find them, walking 20 miles each time.…Continue reading

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