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Westminster’s ‘Best in Show’ is Stripped of His Title

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The Westminster Dog Show’s very first Affenpinscher to win Best in Show was stripped of his title yesterday, to the shock and embarrassment of his owners and handlers. Yes, Banana Joe V Tani Kazari’s winning glory was short-lived. Just over a month since winning the dog community’s highest honor, the little black pup with a monkey face, described as being “in perfect condition” had to return his prized silver bowl.

“We’re horrified by this shocking turn of events,” said April Pullinyerleg, spokesperson for the Westminster Kennel Club. “The winner of Westminster is considered ‘America’s Dog’ for the year. He wins a lifetime of prestige and lucrative breeding fees. We can’t allow Banana Joe to continue that tradition after what’s happened. He has shamed our club and everything we stand for.”

Trophy Westminster
Hijinx, the pretty black and brown mixed breed dog who stole the heart of Westminster’s Best in Show Affenpinscher, Banana Joe.

According to multiple sources, the five year old Banana Joe was discovered having relations with an older mixed breed dog named Hijinx. Although too soon to tell, there is speculation that Hijinx may be pregnant.

Banana Joe has been living in the Netherlands with his owner. Hijinx belongs to the neighbor, Cristina Streek, who tells Dogington Post, “We didn’t realize there was anything going on. I mean, they’ve always been friends and played along the fence together. Then last week I noticed Joe had dug his way under the fence and Hijinx had a certain ‘glow’ about her.”

Dogs that have been neutered aren’t permitted to compete in the Westminster show. Banana Joe, since retiring from his show career after his big win, had planned to become a breeding stud to produce future winning Affenpinschers.

“Maybe he just wanted some practice!” laughed Streek, who is thrilled that her black and brown mutt might be carrying Joe’s litter. “They will make the most adorable puppies!” Miss Streek would not comment on why her female dog has not been spayed.

The Westminter Kennel Club, however, plans to revoke Banana Joe’s title and award it to the dog show’s runner-up, a 20-month old Old English Sheepdog.

Banana Joe’s owner was unavailable for comment.

The Dogington Post is serious about dogs, but we like to have a little fun, too! This article has been fabricated by the editors of this site. Happy April Fool’s Day! But, since we’ve got your attention:

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  1. Avatar Of Oliver Wood Oliver Wood says:

    I know this is late but. I just saw it on CNN. One big early tipoff should have been the name of the spokesperson, “Pullingyourleg”. Think about it.

  2. Avatar Of Stan



    Enjoyed the joke article and it actually IS funny. The sad part is the lack of reading comprehension that is rampant in our society as evidenced by the numerous outraged responses. Sad… really sad.

  3. Avatar Of Roger



    proof that Bill Clinton scr*w*d a pooch..

  4. Avatar Of Big Bad Jack

    Big Bad Jack



  5. Avatar Of Jerki



    obsurdddddddddddddd!! let him play! he’s just a dog…bark bark bark!!

  6. Avatar Of Stephanie Deprima

    Stephanie DePrima


    …Didn’t anyone ‘get a clue’ when April Pullinyerleg made a statement?

  7. Avatar Of Shellie



    I didn’t even notice this was old. When does someone get the job of filtering old crap off their sites. I did the same thing yesterday looking for my state’s new laws.

  8. Avatar Of Shellie



    Someone played the canine race card. This is ridiculous. He won and should retain the title.

  9. Avatar Of A Hardcastle

    a hardcastle


    This article makes no sense–what is the offense committed??

  10. Avatar Of Chuck Tucker

    Chuck Tucker


    The Tiger Woods of the canine world!

  11. Avatar Of Bj



    Seriously ??
    This wins the top 10 “dumbest people” award of all time.
    He is a DOG !!
    It would make sense if it was a politician.

  12. Avatar Of Vrae



    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman!”

  13. Avatar Of Jennifer



    Wow, really the name on the second paragragh didn’t give it away. April Pullinyerleg Ha!

  14. Avatar Of Aaron Mantele

    Aaron Mantele


    The spokesperson for the Club in the article is April Pullinyerleg. That is awesome. First doubletake clue.

  15. Avatar Of Justin



    The Dogington Post is serious about dogs, but we like to have a little fun, too! This article has been fabricated by the editors of this site. Happy April Fool’s Day! But, since we’ve got your attention:

    God you people are stupid!

  16. Avatar Of Jacque



    geez…lighten up people

  17. Avatar Of Tom Couchman

    Tom Couchman


    You stupid fools. Didn’t you realise that this report would go viral internationally. The whole world does not recognise April Fool’s Day and I would suggest that you have left yourself open for compensation claims for your affront to the integrity of this great dog. Just plain stupid. Why don’t you people grow up.

    Tom Couchman
    Dogs NSW (Australia)

  18. Avatar Of Lisa A. Mccleaster

    Lisa A. McCleaster


    I certainly hope that this is an April Fool’s joke.

  19. Avatar Of Jackie



    I also think that breeding dogs has got to slow down there are way too many dogs being killed every day in this country because of lack of homes and space. Over breeding is causing god creatures to suffer unspeakable living situations.

  20. Avatar Of Jackie



    Lol this has got to be an April fools joke!

    • Avatar Of Jeff



      Do you think the afterword below the story in italics tells you anyting? It reads, “The Dogington Post is serious about dogs, but we like to have a little fun, too! This article has been fabricated by the editors of this site. Happy April Fool’s Day!”

  21. Avatar Of Beth



    LOLOL, this was very good. Well done, Dogington!

  22. Avatar Of Christy Sharp

    Christy Sharp


    Geez…enough already with the phony stories today!!! You guys have gone overboard with the April fools thing. All of these fake stories today are pissing me off!

  23. Avatar Of Mary Lou Mary Lou says:

    This is so bizarre that I thought it was a joke. Is there a “morals” clause in the rule book at Westminster? I think if they don’t have one or a behavior expectation clearly spelled out in print – something like “dogs that compete ast Westminster cannot have sex outsode of their breed or with a “non-purebred dog”.
    I love my dog and all dogs in general but to hold dogs to our middle class morals and then NOT allow them to be neutered is cruel.
    I am happy for the little affenpinscher’s “joie d’vie”: he saw something he liked, went over, courted the young bitch, and they had a lovely afternoon or five minutes, but it is something that dogs natueally do.
    To impose our human behavior code on one of God’s innocent creatures is just a little crazy. There are REAL problems in this world. To bother to try to control the sexual behavior of DOGS seems like they need something real to occupy their time.
    If the little guy met the standards of the breed and physically represented the attributes of his breed, he should keep his title. Trying to prppogate one’s species is very much NORMAL for animals. If the dogs have to follow our sexual mores, then neuter them! It’s the only kind thing to do.
    Let him keep his Westminster championship. He earned it.

  24. Avatar Of Nellie nellie says:

    !u guys got me good!

  25. Avatar Of Melanie



    if you would continue to read the article it is 100% FALSE, it is strictly an April fools joke.

  26. Avatar Of Connie



    This has GOT to be an April Fool’s joke!!!!

  27. Avatar Of Judi



    This is just a JOKE people. April Fool’s Day and all!!

  28. Avatar Of Wanda Carthy wanda carthy says:

    this is stuped ,i mean relly come on he is a dog not mr america ,,,,who he has “fun with” cant be help HE IS A DOG maybe if it was a person we could say something about it ,,,,im sorry to say but i think he needs his title back ,GIVE IT BACK ,, ITS NOT FARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  29. Avatar Of Nancy Bennett

    Nancy Bennett


    This is a ripoff! Let Banana Joe keep his title, everybody loved him and he was just being a dog.

    • Avatar Of David



      I think it is hilarious that in this age of humans bed-hopping and rampant promiscuity that a dog (whose natural urge is to mate) would be stripped of its title for doing the very thing most humansdo without penalty. Really Westminster…give the title back!!!

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