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Why Dogs Tear Up Tissues

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Hey it’s Ralph and today my dog parent came in to the bathroom and found a mess.

Now I know my rights and I have the right to remain silent. So I’m not admitting anything here.

Optimized Tissues

But just for arguments sake, let’s pretend that some other dog came into the bathroom while you were taking a shower and tore up a tissue. Why would they do that?

Let me explain.

Everyone wants the world to save energy and go green to preserve our natural resources. Everyone is supposed to recycle.

I bet you weren’t aware that dogs were the original recyclers! Why do you think we bury our dog bones?

Okay, enough “jibber jabber” as Mr. T. says. Why do dogs tear up tissues?

We’re trying to recycle.

You see we take a single tissue and tear it into tiny tiny pieces.

Eventually, there is nothing left and they all disappear.


You say that it only makes a big pile of little tiny tissue pieces?

I didn’t know that.

Someone should tell that dog that came into your bathroom while you were in the shower.

Okay, so now you know why dogs like to tear up tissues.

Well, I’ve got a question for you and I’m giving a prize for the best answer in the comments below.

Here’s the question: How are you celebrating National Puppy Day tomorrow.

Type in your answer and I’ll pick someone on National Puppy Day.

I’ll be sharing your first name and your answers tomorrow so keep it clean.

Alright. Go about your day.

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  1. Avatar Of Stephanie Roby

    Stephanie Roby


    Making bone shape pancakes going to the park and loving them like every other day. I <3 my furBabies.
    One blessed puppy Momma <3

  2. Avatar Of Denise



    because it feels good on their lips!!!

  3. Avatar Of Rickie Bingh

    Rickie Bingh


    Loving on and playing with my babies!!!!

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