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Why Is Diamond Pet Foods Producing Dangerous Pet Foods?

You’ve probably never heard of Diamond Pet Foods.

But they’re negligence is endangering the lives of dogs all over the world.

They manufacture dog foods all over the United States.

You probably recognize the brand names.

Why Is Diamond Pet Foods Producing Dangerous Pet Foods?

Diamond introduced Diamond Naturals in 2006. These products contain no by-products, corn, or wheat. They also manufacture Bright Bites brand dental treats, Taste of the Wild brand pet food, and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul brand dog and cat food.
They also manufacture under contract, for other companies, at least some of the pet foods sold under these brands or business names.
Canidae Pet Food
Costco’s Kirkland Signature
Solid Gold Health Products for Pets
Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods
Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain (Available only at Costco)
Taste of the Wild Pet Foods
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
4Health (Available only at Tractor Supply Company)
NutraGold Super Premium Holistic Formulas

Source: Wikipedia

Now if you’ve been following the Dogington Post, we’ve been reporting that Diamond Pet Foods can’t get its act together.

We’ve had recalls.

Additional recalls.

Corrections of recalls.

Right now they are concerned about salmonella poisoning to dogs.

But no one cares about us.

The news stations report “there’s no danger to humans.”

I ask you: Do Gary Schell and Richard Kampter who head Diamond Pet Foods even CARE about dogs?

I’ll ask you another question: Where’s the government in all this?

Imagine there was a baby food manufacturer who couldn’t get its act together.

How long do you think the government would let them go on before moving in and closing down the plant?

Notice they produce dog food for Costco under their Kirkland brand.

Remember Costco? They STILL sell the chicken jerky from China that kills dogs.

All we do is give love and this is what we get back in return.


Until they bring in a dog advocate and better quality control I pronounce their foods “not fit for a dog.”

Don’t throw your products out!

Take them back to the place of purchase.

And as of right now, I declare a boycott of Diamond Pet Foods and their products.

If you are disgusted by the behavior of Diamond Pet Foods, please LIKE this page on Facebook and LIKE this post.

Let’s send a message to Diamond Pet Foods that we love our dogs and we won’t treat them with any less care than our children.

Our dogs are members of our families.

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