Check This Out: Bugsy’s Box Review and Giveaway!

Monthly subscription boxes are all the rage these days. No matter what your interests, there’s a service that’ll deliver a veritable treasure chest of unique goodies right to your door every month. So, it’s no surprise that you can find subscription boxes made especially for dogs, too!

With so many boxes available, each touting their own service as the best, how do you choose the one that’s right?

Here’s a hint: Bugsy’s Box!

So, what exactly is Bugsy’s Box?
Bugsy2Bugsy’s Box is a monthly subscription service – for your dog! Each month, a box full of hand-picked, Bugsy-approved surprises will be delivered, right to your doorstep. The boxes, which ship (for free!) on the 15th of each month, include about 5 to 7 goodies specially selected for your dog, based on his/her age and weight.

While some competitor boxes focus mainly on toys or treats, Bugsy’s Box offers up a bit of everything, from fun, unique toys and natural, all Made-in-the-USA treats and snacks, to grooming products, first aid essentials, and healthy pet products, you (and your dog!) are guaranteed to be delighted with each month’s assortment.

What’s more, all this arrives at well below the cost of shopping for these things separately.

Subscribers have the option of joining for a 1, 3, or 6-month plan, either for your own dog or as the perfect gift for your favorite doggy friends, with plans starting as low as $19/month.

Best of all, Bugsy’s Box donates a portion of each sale to rescue and shelter organizations. So, you’ll feel good about not only treating your own dog to a special monthly surprise, but for helping other dogs in need, too!

Bugsy’s Box is fun – for you AND your dog!
You think your dog gets excited when the doorbell rings now… just wait til a Bugsy’s Box arrives!

Bugsy1When the March Bugsy’s Box arrived at my doorstep a few days ago, Noah knew right away there was something special inside, just for him (which made our photo shoot a bit of a battle of wills)!

The box was bigger than I’d expected. After I nudged Noah out of the way and opened it up, it was packed to the brim with goodies – full-sized goodies, none of those dinky, throwaway sample packs! Bugsy’s Box promises between 5 and 7 goodies each month – but this month included 8 different items (9 if you count the 2 Tenderstikz treats separately!).

As a picky pet parent, my boy only gets the very best, especially his food and treats. I was pleasantly surprised, and thankful, to find that every edible in the Bugsy’s Box was made in the USA. Whether it was Merrick’s premium Cowboy Cookout canned food, Clear Conscience Pet’s Tenderstikz treats, the Barkworthies Bully Stick, Healthy Dogma or Smart n’ Tasty Duck Treats – there wasn’t a single edible item in this box that I wouldn’t happily treat my boy with.

While food is always a favorite, the Bugsy’s Box also included Noah’s new favorite toy ever, a PrideBites “Randy the Nerd” interactive dog toy. It’s tough and durable, squeaks, floats, and is equally as perfect for fetching as it is for snuggling. A full-sized bottle of Nootie Daily Spritz, an all natural daily coat-conditioning spray that smells like a fresh-baked vanilla cookie and a bottle of VetraCare’s Liquid Bandage for Pets Spray (also made in the USA!) for gentle, no-sting protection of minor cuts and scrapes, a must-have for every pet first aid kit, rounded out the box.

Noah and I were so thrilled with the March Bugsy’s Box that we’ve signed up for 6 more months of surprises. All in all, the goodies in our box would have cost nearly $50 to purchase separately – but we’ll be getting an equally impressive box every month for a fraction of that price!

And you can too! Bugsy’s Box is offering friends of The Dogington Post $10 OFF using coupon code “DOGPOST” at checkout! Click here!

(Update: We just heard Bugsy’s Box is running a fantastic fundraiser for PugNationLA, a rescue organization for Pugs in LA (Bugsy himself is a Pug!). To participate, use coupon code “PUGNATIONLA” – You’ll get $5 off, and the Pugs will get the other $5!)

They’re also giving 3 lucky readers a Bugsy’s Box of their very own! Enter to win below:

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