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Macklemore’s Hit Song ‘Thrift Shop’ Has Gone to the Dogs!

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One of the hottest songs to hit the air waves, Macklemore’s catchy tribute to secondhand shopping, “Thrift Shop” has gone to the dogs!

Check out The Pet Collective‘s parody hit, “Pet Shop” by Barklemore! It’s a catchy tune about a cool dog named Barklemore, excited that he was adopted from the shelter down the road and ready to take on the world!

The Pet Collective, famous for other dog-centric parodies from groups like Pup Direction (One Direction), Pawdele (Adele), and their popular Petlection Debate between Bark Obama and Mutt Romney, are at it again with this adorable take on radio’s biggest hit:

In addition to providing animal lovers with hours of just plain entertainment and laughs, the group was created to bring awareness to how pets enrich our lives and, in turn, what we can do to enrich theirs. Barklemore’s “Pet Shop” brings awareness to pet adoption with its catchy tune and upbeat lyrics.

Be careful – this one WILL get stuck in your head all day!

Visit ThePetCollective.tv to check out more of their hilarious videos!

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  1. Avatar Of Terri Wilson

    Terri Wilson


    This is the BEST version of the song ever!

  2. Avatar Of Susan Philbeck

    Susan Philbeck


    Cute & funny and sends a great message, too.

  3. Avatar Of Linda



    Awesome Love it

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