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Put Ann Romney on the Roof

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This isn’t about politics.

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Ann Romney Wants To Ride on the Roof of Air Force One

Dogs don’t vote – although we’d be in better shape than we currently are.

Ann and Mitt Romney are surprised by the attention focused on Seamus their dog.

If you don’t recall the story, the Romneys drove on family vacation for thousands of miles with the dog on the top of their car.

What the Romneys aren’t telling (but their sons did) is that Seamus was so disturbed and traumatized by his “vacation” that he defecated all over himself and ran away (forever).

The Romneys just don’t get it. Maybe these videos will help.

and Ann, this is what it’s like to ride on the roof of a car.

That’s why I think we should put Ann Romney on the roof of the car.

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  1. Avatar Of Texas2Step



    Putting that poor dog on the roof of the car was dead wrong, and once was once too often. But sometimes people learn by doing wrong and stupid things. The Romneys learned that was wrong, and they haven’t done it again. You can’t make much more out of it than this. After all, Obama believes it is OK to kill babies after they have been born, if their mothers do not want them. I’d say we have much more to worry about than one poor dog having been on the roof of a car.

  2. Avatar Of Ralph Ralph says:

    We love you Karin. 🙂

  3. Avatar Of Karin



    I agree with Andi. Except, put them all on the roof of their car, but only once. Doing this once to a dog is once too often, imho. I would never dream of doing this to any of my dogs. If it was a matter of going on vacation with the dogs on the roof of my car or staying home, I would stay home.

  4. Avatar Of Ralph Ralph says:

    Andi, you cracked me up.

    Roll over so I can scratch your belly.

  5. Avatar Of Andi Andi says:

    My “favorite” line was when they interviewed her she said, “We only did it once!” And then something about how she couldn’t believe how everyone’s making a big deal of this.

    I agree with you about strapping Ann Romney on the roof of the car –but only do it ONCE and let’s see if it’s a big deal or not!

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