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Radio Host Confronts Michael Vick About Fighting Dogs

Radio show host, Richard Hunter has been accused of crossing the line when he confronted Mike Vick about one of his former bait dogs. We disagree.

Hunter adopted one of Vick’s former fighting dogs and posted this video of a confrontation with Vick’s entourage after the quarterback was presented with the key to Dallas before Super Bowl XLV. Apparently the radio host was at the event on a legitimate press pass and took advantage of the opportunity to show Vick a photo of the dog he adopted, Mel, a black pit bull that was seized from Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, and find out if he had any interest in the dog’s well-being.

In the video, Hunter is cursed at, pushed around, and restrained by Vick’s bodyguards one of whom says: “We don’t care about the dog.”

According to USA Today, Hunter said one of the bodyguards pinned his arms from behind.

“Honestly, I do have a personal interest. I live with one of his victims and see the effects of that every day,” he says in an interview. “But in terms of ambushing, I reject that claim…I’m in an official media capacity. So I’m not like a paparazzi jumping out of the bushes.”

More recently, on April 25th, the 6 year anniversary of the raid on Michael Vick’s Virginia home and the Bad Newz Kennels, Michael Vick was tweeting to fans about football’s draft day. Hunter once again confronted Vick – this time via Twitter – with a tweet that read:

@MikeVick Nice to see that you’re spending the 6th anniversary of the raid on your house of horrors focusing on “Draft Day’. #psychopath

He encouraged his fans and followers to tweet a similar message and many did…all of which were promptly removed.

What do you think? Michael Vick has said he thinks about the dogs often and that he has changed. Watch this video and tell us if you believe him.




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