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Radio Host Confronts Michael Vick About Fighting Dogs

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Radio show host, Richard Hunter has been accused of crossing the line when he confronted Mike Vick about one of his former bait dogs. We disagree.

Hunter adopted one of Vick’s former fighting dogs and posted this video of a confrontation with Vick’s entourage after the quarterback was presented with the key to Dallas before Super Bowl XLV. Apparently the radio host was at the event on a legitimate press pass and took advantage of the opportunity to show Vick a photo of the dog he adopted, Mel, a black pit bull that was seized from Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, and find out if he had any interest in the dog’s well-being.

In the video, Hunter is cursed at, pushed around, and restrained by Vick’s bodyguards one of whom says: “We don’t care about the dog.”

According to USA Today, Hunter said one of the bodyguards pinned his arms from behind.

“Honestly, I do have a personal interest. I live with one of his victims and see the effects of that every day,” he says in an interview. “But in terms of ambushing, I reject that claim…I’m in an official media capacity. So I’m not like a paparazzi jumping out of the bushes.”

More recently, on April 25th, the 6 year anniversary of the raid on Michael Vick’s Virginia home and the Bad Newz Kennels, Michael Vick was tweeting to fans about football’s draft day. Hunter once again confronted Vick – this time via Twitter – with a tweet that read:

@MikeVick Nice to see that you’re spending the 6th anniversary of the raid on your house of horrors focusing on “Draft Day’. #psychopath

He encouraged his fans and followers to tweet a similar message and many did…all of which were promptly removed.

What do you think? Michael Vick has said he thinks about the dogs often and that he has changed. Watch this video and tell us if you believe him.

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  1. Avatar Of Joe Bucher

    Joe Bucher


    The shame continues to this day- Virginia Tech just inducted him into their Hall of Fame. Complete joke of a university. Vick had just enough fake remorse to convince Goodell and others he changed. His attorneys plead to get the animal cruelty charges removed because they would hurt his image going forward. Utter waste of life, wish misery on him and his until the end of time.

  2. Avatar Of Dg



    M vick is an animal abuser and a sociopath, like pedophiles, there is no cure
    He has administered electrocution, strangulation, raised beagles .. Watched them grow and handed them into the pit as bait
    The words mean nothing he is choking them out to keep the money rolling in, I feel he should experience first hand what he has done to the dogs, not be glorified by others that smell the money…what a disgrace to themselves and football.
    He does not deserve his athletic gifts….clock is ticking for old Mike….He will answer to God for his putrified heart

  3. Avatar Of Chriss



    This really aggravates the heck out of me. Race is not an issue. It’s the fact that he shows no remorse in those poor tormented dogs.
    I’m so glad that people have adopted them and given them better lives. I just wish it was fair to all the other dogs that passed away and never got a happy moment in their life. Vick shouldn’t even be allowed to play anymore for the rest of his life.

  4. Avatar Of Frances



    HSUS should be a shamed to be associated with Michael Vick.

  5. Avatar Of Norma Scott

    Norma Scott


    I am “horrified” that a human being can maim, electrocute and kill dogs with his own hands, and then be glorified on the football field by thousands of imbeciles who haven’t a blessed clue about right and wrong. Michael Vick should be and charged,locked up, never have another animal, He is a killer !!We certainly wont be going to watch him play football, and ppl should boycott the FB games til justice is done , for causing horrific barbaric cruelty to those poor dogs !!!!!

  6. Avatar Of Clair



    While I’m not a big fan of name calling, the N word, or the C word, or any of them, cept at a few chosen family members 😉 .. I completely understand the rage that this psychopath induces in, feeling, animal loving, people on this planet. Lets not attack each other. This scum of the earth hurts innocent animals. He is the worst of us, he is what every bad word is created for!! Not for his skin color. There exists this garbage in every color of the human rainbow, in this case, “shitbow” ! He is a disgusting human, who bares no soul. Pray for him, we all know where he’s going!!!

  7. Avatar Of Lbowbeer



    Thanks for going after the criminal when most of wish we had the chance.

  8. Avatar Of Just A Girl

    Just a girl


    Kelly Sue,

    You said: “I think you are so out of line. Yes Mike Vick is foul, but you are just as foul. How can you proclaim to hate what has been inflicted upon those poor dogs when you spew your own hate and hurt! And BTW I AM A MIDDLE AGED WHITE WOMAN and so ashamed that we share the same air.”

    I’m a middle aged white woman too and read the same article you did. Michael Vick claims he is reformed. One would think that if you are truly reformed, you would have an interest in the well being of the victims that you tortured. How is Richard Hunter “out of line”? He simply asked a question. I fail to see how he spewed hate and hurt. He is holding Vick accountable for his actions. He is letting Vick know he has not and will not forget what he has done, unlike the NFL, the mayor, the president and the list goes on. So, because he has an opinion, chooses to hold Vick accountable for his actions and shared his story, you are ashamed that you share the same air as Richard Hunter? I’m embarrassed by your comment, and may Richard Hunter breathe fresh clean air for the rest of his wonderful life. He did something about the situation. He got involved. He rescued a Vick dog. What have you done?

    • Avatar Of Sara



      She was obviously replying to Juliann Valencia’s racist comment.

      • Avatar Of Just A Girl

        Just a girl


        Sara, thank you. My apologies Kelly Sue, I thought your response was to the article. I really missed that one! See, MIDDLE AGED WOMAN…and the eyes are the first to go! 🙂

  9. Avatar Of Donna Pomponio

    Donna Pomponio


    Not only is it Ludacris to give this guy a key to the city, it is even more insane that they let him have another DOG, now he owns the dogs they use in Afghanistan. What’s up with these people? Don’t they know he will only ruin and fight this dog as well, to think he has changed his attitude about animals is completely denying what he is..

  10. Avatar Of Brenda Griffin



    As I have said many times ” MICHAEL VIC ” has a special chair in HELL with his name wrote on it …He never will change …!!!

  11. Avatar Of Ann Glassman

    Ann Glassman


    I despise Michael Vick & the judge that allowed him to have another dog. He should have never been allowed to own another pet. The NFL disgusts me & should be ashamed. It’s all about the $$$! Stupid, ignorant, uneducated asshole!

  12. Avatar Of Martha Zink

    Martha Zink


    Well said, Valerie P. i am also “horrified that a human being can maim, electrocute and kill dogs with his own hands, and then be glorified on the football field by thousands of imbeciles who haven’t a blessed clue about right and wrong. Damn Michael Vick to Hell. I hate him with a passion. There is no forgiveness for the horrific crimes Sick Vick committed. I don’t care if he breaks all NFL records. He will always be disrespected and hated.”

    Phineas, the yellow lab that has been held for over a year on death row by a town mayor for ALLEGEDLY biting a child, is getting worse treatment than “poor Michael Vick”. Boo hoo, sucker!

  13. Avatar Of Shelby Greear

    shelby greear


    I don’ t how VICK sleeps @ nite…..I hope the BASTARD has nightmares every nite about those poor dogs…MAY HE SOMEDAy BURN IN HE’LL …hope I know it so I can celebrate big time!!! I Cain’ t believe that stupid mayor gave him a key to the city…or that he’ s in the NFL again….no one should attend is games!!!!KICK HIS SORRY ASSES OUT!!!!!!!

  14. Avatar Of Christine Caraballo

    Christine caraballo



  15. Avatar Of Lori



    Once an abuser- always an abuser. He is and always will be trash.

  16. Avatar Of George Rubin

    George Rubin


    Vick is a low class fucking piece of shit but include Roger Goodell (the football commissioner)& Jeffrey Lurie (Philadelphia Eagle owner). They put their profits ahead of decency. Even Obama (who I voted for) gave his blessing to Lurie when he hired the trash & lost my respect. I do not watch any Eagle football games anymore & will root against Dallas in any sport they compete.

  17. Avatar Of Nancy



    He can act like he has changed, but we all know he hasn’t. I too would get kicked out of a game for booing at him. He is a sorry excuse for a man and certainly not someone our children should look up to.

  18. Avatar Of Valerie Piotrowski

    Valerie Piotrowski


    My husband and I are saving our best bottle of French champagne in the wine cellar for the moment we learn that Michael Vick has gone to hell, where he belongs. We are horrified that a human being can maim, electrocute and kill dogs with his own hands, and yet is glorified on the football field by thousands of imbeciles who haven’t a blessed clue about right and wrong. Damn Michael Vick to hell. I hate him with a passion. I hope his condo in hell is adjacent to OJ Simpson’s condo, as they can both compare their sorry-ass lives on earth and the lies they told throughout. There is no forgiveness for the horrific crimes Sick Vick committed. I don’t care if he breaks all NFL records. He will always be disrespected and hated.

    • Avatar Of Karen



      I agree with you 100 percent Valerie, I could not have put this better myself. We all need to let Vick know how much we despise him. If I went to one of his football games I would be thrown out for Booing at him and throwing rotten vegetables or something !! It makes me so mad about what he has gotten away with unscathed, and it makes me mad the idiots in football don’t even care what he has done to all those lovely dogs !

  19. Avatar Of Bsm



    He looked you in the eye and walked away… Yes you were talking to the old Vic. Once a dog hater, always a dog hater, they just don’t get it. The mayor is a pathetic man to put this dog hater on such a pedestal. You and all the others who adopted those dogs are my heroes! So glad to hear they are doing so well!

  20. Avatar Of Patti Dillon

    Patti Dillon


    I’m GLAD the moron was confronted! Someone should have used HIM as “bait”…Piece of S**T!!!!!

  21. Avatar Of Almanull almanull says:

    Mikeal Vick is a SCUM BAG, the guards are I-DOTS, and the man that gave him the keys to the city is even DUMBER ! He’s not sorry for the dogs…he’s sorry because he got caught….. you can’t change STUPID !

  22. Avatar Of Kelly Mccann

    Kelly McCann


    Thank you for standing up for your dog and all of the dogs that Vick tortured. Crossing the line! The fact that he has been allowed to buy another dog “for his children” and it just happens to be a Belgian Malinois!!!, is crossing the line! AND people who have cheered this psychopath on, they crossed the line too.

    • Avatar Of Carole



      The Judge who allowed Vick to own another dog needs his head examined. He should have put a breed restriction on what the man could own. A Belgian Mal is used in police work and can be trained to attack in order to defend its “pack” (i.e., family), or just attack on command. The dog has an aggressive personality, which is why this is one of the breeds chosen for police work. My question here is: why did Vick chose a Belgian Malinois for his kids when a beagle or poodle would have sufficed?? What is Vick trying to teach his kids?? That “threatening” dogs are more macho than a beagle??

  23. Avatar Of Nicole



    It is so sad to see how a scum bag, the lowest of the low, a disgrace to human race like Michael Vick is a “hero” and a “role model” in the sports industry; he has NO remorse or GUILT over any of his disgusting actions and that says a lot. It also says a lot about his fans ans supporters. I am ashamed our society promotes such a “person”. The innocent dogs, his victims deserve so much more.

  24. Avatar Of Gina English

    Gina English


    Michael Vick has put out enormous amounts of pain, agony, and a list of other offenses, Karma will one day come to visit Michael Vick maybe not the same way he left helpless dogs in his wake… Still yet, It will come full circle.

  25. Avatar Of Toni Harding-Wandpflug

    Toni Harding-Wandpflug


    Michael Vick should have had to do one year for every dog he killed,tortured,drowned,beat and starved. I have no respect for the NFL any more for hiring him back. They have nothing but a bunch thugs, thieves and murders playing for them. What was the judge thinking by letting his kids have a dog. Every day they asked for one he should have been made to tell them about what he did and why he could not get them a dog. In my opinion he is the scum of the earth.

  26. Avatar Of Elaine



    What a despicable human being Mike Vick is. How the NFL could let him back in and treat him as if he’s the second coming is outrageous, he’s a murdering pig who should be euthanized instead of those poor babies who didn’t ask for the life they were forced to live. That Mayor of Dallas is also a poor excuse for a so called human being, the way he was gushing over the dog murderer Mike Vick like a giddy school girl should be ashamed of himself and resign his position.

  27. Avatar Of Robin



    Richard Hunter, you are my new hero! Vick is a psychopath. Kudos to you for confronting him. Completely proved he’s not remorseful at all.

    • Avatar Of Karen



      Micheal Vick is allowed to walk around free. If he was a dog and killed as many humans as he has killed dogs, he would have been euthanized immediately with out a trial or anything. Vick makes me sick but I know in the end he will pay for his crimes, Karma is a bitch !!!

  28. Avatar Of Amber Shelley

    Amber Shelley


    Michael Vick is a scumbag, and he will always be a scumbag! I don’t care what line of crap he is trying to give saying how much he has changed! The only thing that he has changed is his public persona and only because he got caught! No dog should ever have to live with this psychopath P.O.S!!

  29. Avatar Of Ruth



    Please remember, Dallas DOES NOT represent Texas. It NEVER has. Michael Vick was and is a piece on garbage.

  30. Avatar Of Elena Kent

    Elena Kent


    Michael “Dick” will never get respect from true dog lovers as he has never once shown remorse. He can rot in hell and live the life he monstrously put the poor victims through. May he always be haunted!

  31. Avatar Of John Markovic

    John Markovic


    Michael Vick forced dogs to fight, used them as bait, beat them, tortured them, drowned them, electricuted them and God only knows what else…and HE’S accusing Richard Hunter of “crossing the line” because he ASKED if the “changed” Michale Vick gave even a half of a sh*t about how one of the dogs is doing now????

  32. Avatar Of Judy Judy says:

    Michael Vick is a POS now and always has been.

  33. Avatar Of Gayle



    Mike Vick should feel the pain that those poor babies felt everyday for the rest of his life…and I would like to be the one inflicting the pain!!!! I HATE that S.O.B.

    • Avatar Of Juliann Valencia

      Juliann Valencia


      Mike Vick is a fucking nigger and I wish a pack of Pits would tear him a new asshole.

      • Avatar Of Juliann Valencia

        Juliann Valencia


        What does anyone expect out of the mayor who gave him the key. What color is he??????

        • Avatar Of Kelly Sue

          Kelly Sue


          I think you are so out of line. Yes Mike Vick is foul, but you are just as foul. How can you proclaim to hate what has been inflicted upon those poor dogs when you spew your own hate and hurt! And BTW I AM A MIDDLE AGED WHITE WOMAN and so ashamed that we share the same air.

          • Avatar Of Kill Vick

            kill vick


            white guilt at its finest ladies and gentlemen…

          • Avatar Of Moonie Boy

            Moonie boy


            Kelly Sue:
            I’m with you. Just ignore these moronic rantings. It has nothing to do with the dog abuse issue.

          • Avatar Of Ellen



            Kelly Sue, I’m with you. (Hey that rhymes!) We solve nothing by calling people names. It doesn’t matter what color Michael Vick happens to be. Animal cruelty comes from everywhere and can be prevented by anyone. If only we could all learn to love.

        • Avatar Of Wyr



          Nice comments Juliann Valencia. TGell me, do you wear your Klan robe in public or just in the privacy of your home? I suppose it is difficult to view the world through the holes in your hood. Racists like you make me ashamed to be associated with this site.

      • Avatar Of Kill Vick

        kill vick


        amen sister!!!

      • Avatar Of Susan Ccody

        susan ccody


        I totally agree! But in this screwed up country you seem to get rewarded for dispicable shameful acts!

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