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Week in Review: Victory for Dogs in Taiwan, Canine Escape Artist, Search for Dog-Killing Kids, Hero Dogs & More!

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From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all in one easy-to-read article!

The Three Most Dangerous Types of Dogs

Bewareofdog2 Min

By now, most people should know that “dangerous breed” laws have been proven ineffective and banning dogs based on physical appearance does not help prevent problems, it just tears families with loving dogs apart.  So what are the three Most Dangerous Types of Dogs…?…Continue reading

VIDEO: Man Jumps into Frozen Pond to Rescue Dog Fallen Through Ice


A Canadian TV news crew were filming a story about the dangers of thin ice at a partially frozen pond in Edmonton, Alberta when a local man and his dog accidentally drove their point home.…Continue reading

Calendar of Catastrophes: The Most Common Pet Health Conditions Month-by-Month

Calendarpug Min

Wouldn’t it be great if you could anticipate your pet’s next move and take precautions to prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses? While it’s impossible to predict the future, there are some surprising statistics to keep in mind! Throughout the year, certain health conditions presented in pets more often than any other.…Continue reading

Doggie Do’s and Dont’s on Easter

Easterdogs Min

Easter can be a fun holiday for your entire family and of course that includes the dog, too! However, because there are a few extra potential hazards and likely sources of stress for our four-legged best friends during this festive day, it’s important that you keep him safe. To have only the happiest of Easters this year, remember these do’s and don’t’s: …Continue reading

BREAKING: Taiwan Makes it Illegal to Eat Dogs & Cats

Taiwandogban Min

In a huge step toward improving the country’s animal protection laws, Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan approved an amendment to their Animal Protection Act which now bans the selling, purchasing, consumption and/or possession of dog or cat meat.…Continue reading

Canine Escape Artist Opens Several Doors & Escapes Animal Hospital


A Virginia dog must have really been missing his family when the canine escape artist used his mouth, and some incredible skill, to open several doors and escape the animal hospital where he was being boarded.…Continue reading

Family Dog Saves Ohio Woman that Overdosed on Heroin

An Ohio mother had already lost one daughter to drug overdose. And, thanks to Buddy, the family’s dog, her second daughter’s life was saved from the same fate.…Continue reading

Police Searching for 6 Children Accused of Horrific Dog Abuse

Police Searching For 6 Children Accused Of Horrific Dog Abuse

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying and locating 6 children that they say brutally abused and killed a dog on Tuesday afternoon.…Continue reading

VIDEO: Toby the Whippet Snags New World Record in Balloon Popping

Image courtesy Guinness World Records™

An incredibly fast pup from Canada has set the new world record as fastest balloon-popping canine, beating the previous record by more than 2-seconds.…Continue reading

Half of Police Shots Fired Are Aimed At Dogs, Study Says


Why are dogs – our best friends, our companions, our children – such a threat that police shoot dogs every 98 minutes; when not one single police officer in recorded history has ever been killed by a dog?…Continue reading

Big Dog Loves the Tiny Bed His Owner Accidentally Bought

Big Dog Little Bed

A big dog from Indiana is getting a lot of love from around the world after his owner accidentally purchased him a tiny dog bed online without checking the measurements first… and he loves it anyway!…Continue reading

Why Dog Owners Should Ditch the Chocolate Bunny this Easter

Easterchocolatedog Min

As a responsible pet parent, you know by now that chocolate is toxic to your four-legged family, but do you know why? Or, how much of the forbidden sweet snack is potentially lethal to Fido?…Continue reading

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