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It’s a Wrap! Our Top Dog News Stories of 2016

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2016 brought us The Olympics, an election, some major losses… and lots of dog news! Nearly 1,000 stories, product reviews, and heartwarming tales of dog rescue hit our homepage this year. Thanks for being here with us through all of it!

Let’s take the dogs for a walk down memory lane while we recap the 10 most memorable headlines from 2016:

PetSmart Groomer Arrested Following Death of Dog in His Care


A San Mateo, California PetSmart dog groomer was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after a dog suffered fatal injuries just minutes after being dropped of for grooming.

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World’s Oldest Dog, Maggie the Kelpie, Dies at Age 30

Maggie The Kelpie, Believed To Be The Oldest Dog In The World, Has Died At Age 30. Image Via Facebook.

Australia lost a very beloved, very old soul. Maggie, who is believed to have been the oldest dog in the world, crossed the Rainbow Bridge at a remarkable 30 years of age.

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Police Rescue Dog Hanging from Truck in Walmart Parking Lot

Arkansas City, Kansas police responding to a shoplifting call at a local Walmart came to the rescue after an employee noticed a small dog hanging by his leash from a truck in the store’s parking lot.

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Dog-Abusing Cop Returns to Work for “Another Chance” as a Police Officer


Brett Arthur Berry, a (then) 18-year veteran of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, was at the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, Minnesota for a K-9 training and certification event with his four-legged partner.

At some point during the training event, Deputy Berry took Boone outside, picked the dog up by his neck, and slammed him into the ground, video showed.

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Off-Duty Cop Brutally Beats 3 Dogs at the Shelter… Before Adopting a 4th Dog!

The Montgomery County Animal Shelter In Conroe, Texas.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office are investigating an incident at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter that left one dog dead and two others seriously injured – at the hands of an off-duty MCSO deputy. And this all happened just moments before the deputy left the shelter with a newly adopted dog.

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Little Dog, Big Journey! Missing Dog Found 1,000 Miles From Home

Screenshot 2016-02-19 At 10.58.19 Am

If only dogs could talk, this little pup would have quite the story to tell!

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Italian City to Use Silent Fireworks Out of Respect for Animals


Dogs and other animals living in the Italian town of Collecchio will rest a little easier during city-wide celebrations as the local government mandates that only silent fireworks be used out of respect for the animals.

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3 Dogs Dead After a Trip to Their South Florida Groomer

A South Florida woman is grieving the loss of her entire fur-family – three dogs, a 15-year-old Shih Tzu named Sophie, a 10-year-old sheltie named Lancelot, and a 6-year-old mixed breed named Freeda, after the trio went for their bi-weekly trip to the groomer for baths and nail trims.

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Federal Court Ruling: Police Can Shoot a Dog if it Moves or Barks When Officers Enter a Home


A ruling by the 6th Circuit Federal Court in Michigan last week gave police nationwide the authority to shoot a dog if it moves or barks when officers enter a home.

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…And the most widely read dog news story of 2016:

Kennel Owners Responsible for 23 Dog Deaths Will Serve 23 Days in Jail


Twenty-three dogs, now known as the Gilbert 23, lost their lives when they were all crammed into a small room with inadequate ventilation and no air conditioning on that Arizona summer night. The dogs were locked into the room around 11:00pm on July 19, 2014 and not checked on until the next morning, when several of the dogs were already dead and others were struggling to stay alive. Todd and Meleisa Hughes were sentenced to 23 days in jail – one day for each dog that died.

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