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This Week in Review: 3 Recalls, Cyanide Bomb, Caitlyn’s Abuser Sentenced, Capone Goes Home, Officer Arrested for Cruelty, & More!

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From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all in one easy-to-read article!

This week saw THREE new dog food/treat recalls! They are:

RECALL ALERT: Wellness Beef Topper for Dogs Cans Voluntarily Recalled

RECALL ALERT: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Canned Dog Food Recalled

RECALL ALERT: Three Brands of Pig Ears Dog Chews Recalled

Recall Alert2

Click each headline above for important details about this week’s dog food recalls.

DNA Test Proves Dog Held Hostage by Animal Control is NOT a Wolf Hybrid


Animal Control officials in Aurora, Colorado seized a senior dog and refused to return him to the family that has loved him for the last decade because, they said, he looked like a wolf-hybrid. Now 5 weeks later, DNA test results prove what his owners say they’ve known all along – their dog is not a wolf.…Continue reading

Cyanide Bomb that Killed Dog Placed by U.S. Department of Agriculture

A teenaged Pocatello, Idaho boy was playing with his dog along a hillside behind his family’s home when he saw what he thought was a sprinkler head on the ground and touched it. The device immediately exploded, killing the young dog, and knocking the boy to the ground.…Continue reading

The Rescued Becomes the Rescuer: Adopted Dog Saves Man’s Life

Hunter Min E1490043004901

Two years ago, Lewis Thomas of Calvert City, Kentucky was out hunting when he found a puppy that had been abandoned like trash – literally. The puppy had been tied up in a garbage bag and left for dead. He took the dog home and, with help from a local veterinarian and staff, nursed the dog back to health and grew very attached to him.…Continue reading

Snow-Loving Dog Joins in Cross-Country Ski Race


The World Cup of cross-country skiing was held in Quebec City over the weekend. Just as race leaders rounded a curve in the course, a loose dog exuberantly joined in, jumping, running around the skiers, and generally have a grand old time.…Continue reading

Ask the Trainer: Take Advantage of ‘Teachable Moments’ with Your Dog

Teachablemoments Min

We hear people saying this every day, “I don’t have time for…”  You can insert anything: working out, spending time with their family, training their dog, etc.  We all have the same 24hrs in a day, so it simply comes down priorities and how we choose to spend our time.  If you really want to do anything in life, you will make the time for it.…Continue reading

Caitlyn the Dog’s Abuser Sentenced to 15 Years Prison on Unrelated Charges


Just one day before he was set to face sentencing for the 2015 abuse of Caitlyn the dog, William Leonard Dodson was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison on unrelated weapons and drug charges.…Continue reading

After 5 Weeks & DNA Testing, Capone Returns to his Family – with Stipulations


Capone, the senior Shepherd-mix owned by the Abbato family in Aurora, Colorado, has finally been allowed to return home to his family – but not without a few stipulations.…Continue reading

Philadelphia Police Officer Arrested for Dumping Emaciated Dog in Trash Bag

Cranberry Min
Image via PSPCA.

A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania police officer was arrested Thursday on animal cruelty charges after wrapping an emaciated dog in a sheet and dumping her inside a trash bag in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley Park last November.…Continue reading

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