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This Week in Review: Dog Houses in Winter, Incredible Acts of Kindness, a Loyal Hero, and More!

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From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all curated in one easy-to-read article!

WATCH: Veterinarian Spends the Night in a Freezing Dog House


Dr. Ward set out to show just how painful and helpless a dog feels when left overnight in the freezing cold of winter, with only their dog house for warmth. Armed with a timer and a thermometer, the veterinarian huddled inside a typical igloo-style dog house to see just how cold it gets and what a dog experiences.…Continue Reading

Colorado Mailman Builds Ramp for Aging Dog Along His Route


Boulder, Colorado USPS mail carrier, Jeff Kramer first met Tashi the Black Lab several years ago when he came bounding outside to say hello on the first day of Kramer’s new mail route. The pair became fast friends, and Tashi made a routine of running outside to meet Kramer every day. Over the years, Kramer watched Tashi grow older. He started having trouble making it up and down the Dimetrosky family’s front porch steps to greet his mailman pal and, eventually, had to be carried up and down.…Continue Reading

UPDATE: Army Private’s Stolen Dog Found, Family Refuses to Return Him


After news of losing Buck spread last week, Army Private Katelyn Gallagher received tips that finally helped her locate him. She tracked Buck to a home located in an east Cleveland suburb. Katelyn says police went to the home, and the family told an officer that they received the dog from Angelo Sullo, the person who was to watch Buck while she was away on leave. But, even after learning the truth about Buck, the family is refusing to return him to his rightful owner.…Continue Reading

Turkish Mall Opens Doors to Stray Dogs in Severe Winter Weather


A particularly harsh winter storm in Istanbul, Turkey has blanketed the city in snow, closed streets, halted deliveries, and brought out the very best kindness in people! A local mall is allowing homeless stray dogs to find protection from the cold within the mall entrance. Several animal lovers provided cardboard padding, cozy blankets, and food to make the dogs’ stay more comfortable. And, one clothing store opened its doors, welcoming the cold dogs inside.…Continue Reading

What Happens When You Mix 4,000 Tennis Balls with 2 Rescue Dogs? Inspiration!


It all started with a dog named Everything and an owner looking for a special way to honor his very best friend after she passed. Chris Sontag-Ratti’s best furry friend, a beautiful old girl appropriately named ‘Everything’, passed away in 2014. Two years later, Chris came up with a unique way to honor her memory.…Continue Reading

Dog Found Abandoned, Frozen to Death in Dog House

Image Via Clarksvillenow.
Image via ClarksvilleNOW.

Montgomery County Animal Care and Control is seeking information about a dog found frozen to death inside a plastic dog house left abandoned outside a vacant building in Clarksville, Tennessee. Animal Control received a call from the Sheriff’s Office on Sunday about a deceased dog abandoned outside of the former Grandma’s Apron Restaurant on Salem Rd. The restaurant is currently unoccupied. Temperatures outside when the dog was found were in the single digits.…Continue Reading

Loyal Dog Saves Life of Owner, Injured & Paralyzed in the Snow

Image Via Mclaren Northern Michigan
Image via McLaren Northern Michigan

A Michigan man who slipped and fell in the snow is alive today, thanks to the loyal, devoted, and heroic actions of his amazing dog, Kelsey. On New Year’s Eve, Bob ran outside in only his slippers, long johns and a shirt to get a log for the fireplace when he slipped and fell just a few feet from his front door, breaking his neck. Bob’s closest neighbor is about a quarter mile away, and couldn’t hear his calls for help. Luckily Kelsey, his loyal Golden retriever, was by his side.…Continue Reading

6 Dog-Related Tax Deductions You May Be Eligible to Claim


With tax day right around the corner, many of us are searching far and wide for any deductions we can get! That got us wondering, are dogs tax deductible? Well… not exactly, but there are some dog related expenses that may be!…Continue Reading

Dog Rescues Baby Possum from Crow Attack, The Duo Become Fast Friends


Trevor Weeks was walking his Springer Spaniel, Chilli, at the Colmslie Recreational Reserve in Brisbane, Australia on a December morning when something caught Chilli’s attention. “Chilli took off towards a large gum tree and I then spotted two crows, one attacked a very small object from the front and one from the rear,” Weeks told 9news. “Chilli, being a Springer Spaniel, sprung in, the crows flew off. The object was a very young baby possum.”…Continue Reading

Animal Rescue Getting Outdoor Dogs Off Chains & Into Heated Dog Houses for Free


“We all feel guilty sleeping in a warm bed at night knowing so many need shelter, but when we know of an animal who is suffering, we get there ASAP,” says Misseri. “We found out a dog was on a chain with a subpar shelter on Christmas Day, so we gave them a heated dog house, and large pen, so we could get him off the chain. We do a lot of work to help the animals, but we can’t do it alone, we need the community to get involved, too.”…Continue Reading

Outrage After Dog Spotted Chained to Top of Crate Traveling 70MPH on Highway


Authorities have launched an investigation after a video was posted to Facebook of a dog chained to the top of a crate being towed by an SUV traveling at least 70 mph on a Florida interstate. Palm Coast, Florida resident, Brenna Cronin recorded the video on Wednesday afternoon as she and her boyfriend were driving southbound on I-95 toward Daytona Beach. In the video, a dog is seen standing on top of a crate, which contained at least one other animal, while a Chevrolet Tahoe pulled the trailer at high speeds.…Continue Reading

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