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This Week in Review: San Francisco Bans Puppy Sales, Abusers Walk Free, Bill Discouraging Adoptions, Horse Meat in Dog Food & More!

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From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all in one easy-to-read article!

Dog Surrendered to Shelter With Heartbreaking Note from a Kid that Loved Him

When a family in Utah made the tough decision to surrender their dog, Rhino Lightning, to a local shelter, a young child made sure his best friend’s new home was the best possible fit. The child sent along a spiral notebook full of recommendations for his dog’s new family, including details of the dog’s likes and dislikes, his behavior, and his most favorite things.…Continue reading

San Francisco Law Bans the Sale of Non-Rescue Dogs & Cats from Pet Stores

Puppysale Min

In an effort to put an end to inhumane “puppy mill” breeding operations, San Francisco officials passed a law that permanently bans the sale of non-rescue dogs and cats, and puppies under 8-weeks old, by pet stores in the city.…Continue reading

VIDEO: Texas Man Arrested for Dragging Dog Behind Mobility Scooter

G2Crueltycase Min

Police in southern Texas have arrested a man, charging him with animal cruelty, after a neighbor recorded video of him dragging a dog by her leash behind a motorized mobility scooter.…Continue reading

Groomer Sentenced to Probation After Violently Kicking, Seriously Injuring Dog


After a violent attack on a defenseless dog in his care, an Iowa groomer was sentenced this week to two years of probation. Was justice served?…Continue reading

Justice Served? Charges Dropped Against Officer Linked to Three K9 Deaths

A former school resource officer and Lieutenant with the Cherokee County, Georgia Police Department has been cleared of all but one charge – making a false statement to police – following the death of his K9 partner and the discovery of two additional K9 dogs killed while in his care.…Continue reading

Rescued Pit Bull’s Incredible Journey from a Crackhouse to the Firehouse

via Instagram/@probyash

When rescuers found a pit bull abandoned inside an old crack house on Staten Island, they never imagined the amazing life she’d soon have ahead of her. Ashley, “Ash” for short, would win over the hearts of an entire fire department and land herself an awesome, exciting new life with a huge and loving, albeit unorthodox, family of firefighters.…Continue reading

HB 313: New Bill Would Discourage Dog Adoptions if Passed

Dogadoption Min

House Bill 313 will soon cross the desks of Georgia representatives that, if passed, would discourage dog adoptions by requiring that every rescue organization, shelter, or individual rehoming certain breeds to also provide potential adopters with paperwork and statistics on dog bite frequency and litigation costs during a transfer of ownership – whether it be through sale, adoption, or gift – even when the dog being adopted has never bitten anyone.…Continue reading

More Recalls Expected as Testing Reveals Horse DNA in Evanger’s Dog Food

Beefproducts Min

Pet food company, Evanger’s, which recently recalled its Hunk of Beef canned dog food and Against the Grain brand pulled beef canned dog food due to contamination with pentobarbital, a barbiturate used to euthanize animals, has now admitted that the recalled food contained horse DNA.…Continue reading

Man Claims the Dog Shot His Girlfriend While She Was Sleeping


A Jacksonville, Florida man told police it was his dog that shot his girlfriend in the leg while she was sleeping Tuesday night.…Continue reading

WATCH: Hero Dog Rescues Family After Snow Fort Collapse


A day of fun nearly turned deadly for a Nova Scotia man, his son, and his son’s friend this past weekend. Luckily, quick action by the family dog very likely saved their lives.…Continue reading

Uber Driver Refuses to Pick Up Blind Woman with Service Dog

Blind Paratriathlete Amy Dixon and her service dog, Woodstock.

Amy Dixon is a world-class paratriathlete, currently training hard for the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. Since losing her eyesight in her 20’s, Dixon relies on her service dog, Woodstock to help her navigate the world around her.…Continue reading

Breed Specific Legislation & The Truth About Pit Bulls

Pitbull Min

While the term ‘pit bull’ is often used to describe a group of dogs consisting of  American pit bull-terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, and Staffordshire bull-terrier, and mixes of those breeds along with dogs that, based upon their appearance, are deemed to resemble these breeds, the term is often used by dog owners, animal shelters, insurance companies, veterinarians, and the public as though it describes a breed.…Continue reading


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