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Week in Review: Puppy Shot by Police, Heroic Pups, Life-Saving Narcan, Dog Found Still Alive, and More!

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Here’s everything you might have missed in The Dogington Post’s dog news Week in Review!

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From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all in one easy-to-read article!

Good Samaritans in Colorado Will Soon Be Allowed to Break Into Hot Cars to Rescue Dogs

Good Samaritan

Great news for Colorado dogs! A newly passed Good Samaritan law will grant citizens permission to break into hot cars to rescue dogs.…Continue reading

Can You Tell the Difference Between these Commonly Confused Dog Breeds?

Commonly Confused Breeds

Can you tell the difference between a Husky and a Malamute? A German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois? There are quite a few breeds that are commonly misidentified. Can you tell which is which?…Continue reading

Police Shoot, Kill Puppy While Serving Warrant at Neighbor’s House

Police Shoot Kill Puppy
Chico and Marissa Gilliland. Image via Facebook

A Greenville, South Carolina woman is devastated over the death of her 10-month old puppy by police who were serving a warrant at her neighbor’s house.…Continue reading

Firefighters Save Unconscious Shih Tzu Thanks to Life-Saving Gift from Girl Scouts

Shih Tzu

Bakersfield, California firefighters brought a near-death Shih Tzu back to life using a pet oxygen mask donated to the fire department by Girl Scouts and now local heroes, Hailey Amos and Kylie Greene.…Continue reading

Loyal Dog Leads Family to Unconscious Girls After They Were Struck by Lightning

Loyal Dog

A loyal dog is being hailed a hero after leading his family to a pair of young girls unconscious after they were struck by lightning.…Continue reading

Ocoee Police Performing Boat Check Shoot and Kill Family’s Senior Dog

Ocoee Police
Duke, an 11-year old Catahoula-mix was shot and killed by police in his fenced-in yard. Image via Lisa Brooks

A Florida family is desperate for answers after Ocoee police, later identified as school resource officers, entered their fenced-in yard before shooting and killing their beloved senior dog.…Continue reading

Police Officer Uses Narcan to Save Dog that Ingested Oxycodone


A well-prepared police officer is credited with saving the life of a dog that ingested her owner’s legally prescribed pain medication.…Continue reading

Missing Dementia Patient Found by Police K9 and Scent-Preservation Kit


When a Florida woman with dementia disappeared from her home, scent-detection dog, K9 Ally, used her powerful sense of smell to trace her steps, finding her in a matter of minutes.…Continue reading

Dog Left Abandoned for Weeks Inside Townhouse, Officers Say Their Hands are Tied


A dog has been trapped inside an abandoned townhouse for at least three weeks, presumably without food or water, in the soaring heat of summer – and animal control officers are legally unable to save him.…Continue reading

These 13 Rottweilers Dare You to Stereotype Them!


Before the pit bull, it was Rottweilers that faced unrelenting stereotyping by the media and the masses. Though anyone who’s shared their heart and home with this big teddy bears will tell you, those stereotypes are all wrong!…Continue reading

Heroic Dog Saves 10-Year Old Girl From Attempted Abduction

Attempted Abduction

A 10-year old girl will sleep safely at home tonight after her heroic dog sprung into action to stop an attempted abduction.…Continue reading

Utah Family Discovers Their Dog is Alive 6 Months After Paying to Euthanize Her


A bizarre series of events involving a heartbroken family and a veterinarian who broke the rules to save a dog’s life miraculously came to a happy ending when the family discovered their dog still alive and well more than 6 months after paying to euthanize her.…Continue reading

Top 7 Tips To Choosing the Right Dog For Your Home

Choosing The Right Dog

by Travis Brorsen
You’ve been thinking about getting a dog for a long time and have finally made the decision that now is as good a time as any – congratulations! You are sure that you have enough resources, space and time to bring a new pet into your home, now all that’s left is to find the perfect dog that’s right for you and potentially the others in your home.…Continue reading

Can You Spot the Hidden Dog in This Vintage Optical Illusion?

Optical Illusion

At the turn of the century, long before the internet and social media, advertisers sometimes relied on quirky gimmicks to grab buyers’ attention. This vintage advertisement included a hidden dog – can you find it?…Continue reading

Food for Thought: 28 Fascinating Vintage Dog Food Ads

Vintage Dog Food Ads

Take a walk down memory lane with these 28 vintage dog ads! Some brands you’ll recognize as popular foods still on shelves today. Others will ring no bells at all – and some will have you scratching your head – Kellogg’s and French’s made dog food?…Continue reading

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