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Week in Review: Backyard Doggy Drug Bust, Police Dog Dies in Hot Car, Great American Dogclipse, & More!

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Here’s everything you might have missed in The Dogington Post’s dog news Week in Review!

Dog News

From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all in one easy-to-read article!

Family Dog Digs Up $85,000 in Heroin From Oregon Backyard


A Golden retriever was named an Honorary Narcotics Detection K-9 after the family dog used his exceptional sense of smell to sniff out and dig up $85,000 worth of black tar heroin from his Oregon backyard!…Continue reading

Caught on Tape: Hundreds Ignore Distressed Dog Trapped in Hot Car

Hot Car

Although education and awareness of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars has undoubtedly saved lives and led pet owners to use better judgement during summer months, a social experiment revealed that the public still largely turn a blind eye to dogs in distress.…Continue reading

Widow Goes to Shelter to Adopt the Dog that No One Else Wanted


Just a few months after losing both her husband and her own beloved dog, Melani Andrews walked into her local animal shelter and asked for “the oldest dog you have, and the one no one wants to adopt.”…Continue reading

Mississippi Police Dog Dies After Being Left in Hot Patrol Car

Hot Patrol Car

A Southaven, Mississippi police officer is facing disciplinary action after his K-9 partner, a black Labrador mix named Gunner, died after being left in the officer’s hot patrol car.…Continue reading

Protecting Dogs in Hot Cars: What is YOUR State’s Law?

Hot Cars

Although animal cruelty, neglect, endangerment, and abuse in a variety of forms are illegal in all 50 states in varying degrees that can earn the offender a simple citation all the way up to a felony charge, only 28 of those states have laws on the books specifically prohibit leaving an animal locked inside a hot car. (On the bright side, that’s up from only 16 states in 2015!)…Continue reading

Ruff Riders: The 7 Best Cars for Dogs and Their Owners

Best Cars For Dogs

Every pet parent that travels (even if just down the street to the dog park) knows that having the right vehicle can make all the difference in the world! In fact, many of us shop for a new car with our dogs specifically in mind!…Continue reading

The Great American Dogclipse! Monday’s Solar Eclipse Looked Eerily Like This NJ Dog


While millions of eyes were pointed to the sky for Monday’s Great American Eclipse, one New Jersey family say this image of the incredible event looks exactly like their dog! Do you see the resemblance?…Continue reading

Kids Playing with Phone Dial 911, Marinette Police Officer Shows Up & Shoots Their Dog

Shoots Dog

Wisconsin police are investigating an officer-involved shooting of a family dog after a Marinette girl and her friend were playing around with the home phone and dialed 911.…Continue reading

Man Builds Tiny Bedroom Under the Stairs for His Pampered Pooch

Man Builds Tiny Bedroom

One Tampa dog is living in the lap of luxury, with his very own private bedroom, complete with wood floors, baseboards, lighting, and even framed photos adorning the walls!…Continue reading

Puppy Stuffed in Backpack and Dumped in Bed of Pickup Truck

A young puppy is lucky to be alive after he was stuffed into a backpack and abandoned in the bed of a random pickup truck. Thankfully, the truck his abusers randomly chose belonged to an experienced dog lover who knew just what to do.…Continue reading

Buffalo Range: The Breakthrough Rawhide You Can Actually Feel Good About Giving Your Dog!

Buffalo Range

It’s no surprise there are many great benefits to providing your dog with rawhide. Rawhide chews have long been a favorite among dogs and dog owners. The tasty, long-lasting chews have a host of great benefits for our four-legged friends! CLICK HERE TO ENTER A BUFFALO RANGE GIVEAWAY!

Celebrate National Dog Day with That #NewDogSmell


With every new car comes that iconic new car smell. It is a sense of pride for car owners and is instantly recognizable to all – the same can be said for dog owners! So, to celebrate National Dog Day, Autotrader is giving away a “NewDogSmell” car air freshener, giving dog owners the chance to freshen up their cars with a lovable puppy-inspired scent and relive that first ride home with their pet companion.…Continue reading

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