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Week in Review: Unprovoked Dog Shooting, Shelters Dropping Breed Labels, Tragedy at Dog Show, CBD for Dogs & More!

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Here’s everything you might have missed in The Dogington Post’s dog news Week in Review!

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From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all in one easy-to-read article!

Surveillance Footage Shows Dogs Were Not Charging Officer That Shot Them

Minneapolis Police

Responding to a false alarm, a Minneapolis police officer entered a family’s fenced backyard and shot their two dogs. Surveillance footage shows neither dog was charging or threatening the officer.…Continue reading

Why Shelters Around the Country are Dropping Breed Labels

Breed Labels

In a growing nationwide trend, shelters are dropping breed labels from cages and kennels, no longer identifying adoptable dogs by their breed alone.…Continue reading

Woman Arrested After Three Pets, One Dead, Found Locked Inside Hot Car

Hot Car

A woman was arrested on three counts of felony animal abuse when a cat and two dogs were found locked inside her hot car. One of the dogs had already succumbed to heat exhaustion when the animals were found.…Continue reading

Three Dogs Die Locked in Hot Car Outside Iowa Dog Show

Iowa Dog Show

Three dogs died after being left inside a locked vehicle parked outside of an Iowa dog show on Saturday.…Continue reading

Minneapolis Police Chief Responds to Dog Shooting, Implements Mandatory Training for Officers

Minneapolis Police

After the shocking backyard shooting of two emotional support dogs by a police officer responding to a false alarm, the Minneapolis Police Chief issued a statement promising to pay veterinary bills and implementing mandatory training for officers.…Continue reading

Ask the Trainer: Help Training a Blind Dog

Blind Dog

When a reader asked for help with potty training her blind dog, trainer Steve Reid offered up some advice that would help with ANY dog.…Continue reading

Medical Marijuana for Pets? How Cannabinoids Benefit Dogs


Cannabinoids, CBD oil, hemp treats… there’s a lot of buzz about the benefits of these exciting new products for dogs. But, do you understand how and why they work?…Continue reading

Blind Woman Forced to Back Church Pew Because of Service Dog

Service Dog

A blind woman was humiliated when church deacons banished her to the back pew of her new church because of her service dog.…Continue reading

Dolphin Cruise Captain Rescues Dog Lost Off Florida Coast


A day of cruising the Florida coast in search of dolphins became a heroic act of dog rescue for one animal loving boat captain!…Continue reading

Home Surveillance Camera Records Man Abandoning Puppy on City Street

Home Surveillance

A heartbreaking scene was captured on home surveillance camera when a Florida driver pulled to the side of the street, led a puppy out of the car and drove away, abandoning him.…Continue reading

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1 Comment

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    Elizabeth McFarland


    God says I am to hate the sin but love the sinner (their soul), but when all I read is people abusing, killing, torturing animals, children and the elderly, I will pray for them, but I sure can not love anything about them and I do not believe they actually have a soul, I truly believe they sold their soul to satan as a child (or their parent did), so what is left to love, a human body which is a shell, nope I think not. I pray the Lord forgives me for feeling and believing this way, but I am fed up with all the cruelty in OUR country, it is becoming more and more a third world country of unintelligent barbarians every day.

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